May’s letter from Age of Conan’s game director, Craig Morrison, has outlined what’s next for the game after the recent launch of its first expansion, Rise of the Godslayer. The immediate focus will be to tweak and adjust all the new content that came with the expansion in the next few weeks. Following that, Morrision revealed that the next stages of the tier four raids are being worked on, along with the expansion of the story in Kara Korum. Funcom is also planning to add more team instances in Paikang. The Dreamworld engine itself is due for an update in the coming weeks, and players will notice many improvements to the DX10 version of the game. Finally, there are some potential PvP changes on the drawing board, and Morrision mentioned the possibility of a change to Shrines gameplay and the queues for Mini games to ensure fairer fights. Cross-server PvP was also talked about. AoC players shouldn’t be expecting any big changes straight away, the team is still recovering from pushing out the expansion, but Morrison was keen to make it known that there’s still plenty of fresh ideas and improvements on the way.

    Paul Younger
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