Funcom has revealed the first expansion for Age of Conan today at GamesCon.Going by the name of Age of Conan: Rise of the God Slayer, the expansion introduces a new land for players to explore, the Asian styled Empire of Khitai which also adds a new player race the mix, the Khitan.AoC fans looking to raise their level may be dissapointed, the level cap will reamain at 80 and but Funcom plan on adding feat trees with new abilities, spells and combos to enhance the combat system. To enter the new game zone, players will have to achieve level 70, and this new area of the game willl also be quite PvE focused which is good news for the solo adventurer. No new PvP content is being planned for the expansion but there are new mounts to keep players happy , the Tiger and the Wolf mounts.The release date is unknown but we’re sure to hear more in the coming weeks and months. For now watch the first trailer and check out the first screenshots…

      Press Release:`Rise of the Godslayer’ tells the story of an Empire slowly spiraling into chaos, as a consequence of the actions of a young Conan many years ago. After killing the Elephant God in the famous Robert E. Howard story `The Tower of the Elephant’, strange and horrible things have been happening to the Empire of Khitai. As a player you must explore the dark roads of the Empire and walk the path of the Godslayer as you unravel a mature and deep storyline full of brutal conflict and political intrigue.

Players will discover vast new locations in `Rise of the Godslayer’, such as the far-stretching Northern Grasslands, the deceptively serene Chosain Provinceand the magnificent Pillars of Heaven. Adventurers will find that the new regions are torn apart by conflict between its inhabitants, and you will be able to take part in these conflicts by joining up with many of the warring factions. Faction gameplay plays a large role in `Rise of the Godslayer’, presenting the player with choices that earn them both allies and enemies in Khitai. Through questing and adventure players can advance through faction ranks, rewarding them with incredible treasures such as epic new armor and weapons. Players can choose to continue their adventures with existing characters, acquiring new combat abilities and spells through a robust alternate advancement system, or start over again as a Khitan – an all-new culture. No matter what the choice may be, adventurers will find a wealth of new high-level content, but also low-level content in Khitai available immediately after leaving Tortage Island. The expansion also introduces new mounts such as the Tiger, and through adventure players will see them grow from a weak cub into a ferocious fighting companion.

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