According to the reports, the siege system is horribly broken right now, theframerate is appallingly bad, the siege weaponry is not actually working,there’s a ton of bugs and the need for a proper roster has becomeobvious.Bad news for Funcom? Here at IncGamers we have experienced many an MMORPG launch, and let’s be honest, there hasn’t been one that has gone completely to plan. On a positive note, Funcom will have learnt a lot from this first encounter and they appear to be working hard at sorting out the game’s bugs. The question is, how long will it take them to actually get to the siege bug issues?What AoC players seem most upset about is their first experience of the siege warfare has been plagued with bugs that should have been really put to the test in the Beta phase. In reality we all know that actuially getting beta testers to beta test properly is not always the easiest thing, most just want access to the game early.Fingers crossed Funcom can overcome the technical challenges of their siege warfare system and also get those bugs squashed quickly.For more info on Age of Conan head to

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