Players celebrate Age of Conan’s sixth Anniversary with a brand new event and the massive Festival of Bloodshed PvP system

Funcom’s Age of Conan expands with the special Shadows of the Past anniversary event and the Festival of Bloodshed Player-vs-Player (PvP) update. In the Shadows of the Past event players get to take on a brand new adventure where they uncover a plot against King Conan himself and travel back to the island of Tortage to discover the true power behind this new threat.

The all new Festival of Bloodshed PvP system offers a whole new range of activities for the players. Every month there will a be week-long PvP festival, where players face off against each other in many unique events. The system also contains all new PvP Quests and fresh rewards, such as a companion who will taunt nearby players based on their number of PvP deaths.


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