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Age of Wonders 3 is poised to become Age of Modders 3, as Triumph reveal that mod support for the fantasy 4X title is “in the works”.

It should be included in the game’s next patch which, according to the post linked above, means it “shouldn’t be too long”. For now, the studio are still adding features and dealing with bugs.

In terms of what you’ll be able to do to Age of Wonders 3 with mods, Triumph say that it’ll be possible to “overhaul game┬ábalance, add new specializations or even a brand new units”. Mods will be distributed through Steam Workshop, or a favoured mod site.

Mods will be toggled via the game’s launcher, and are confirmed to be usable in multiplayer.

An example of a new unit (created by “mix-and-matching parts from the large existing game asset library”) is shown in the image above. It’s a cadaver on a nightmare horse, wielding a necromancer’s scythe. Riding over a wire-frame chess board.

There will be limitations to the scope of modding, however. Apparently you won’t be able to “change core gameplay, models or textures”, but “anything our designers can do” should be within your power. That extends to as many skeleton horsemen as your heart desires.

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