Age of Wonders III reveals new magical locations


Age of Wonders III mana exploration site

Today Triumph Studios revealed new magical locations which they talked about previously for Age of Wonder III. These locations provide players with a variety of rewards upon  acquiring them such as resources for building, spells, rare units and unique items to equip your heroes with.

They also remain in play by providing benefits such as food, knowledge, gold etc. Unlike Age of Wonders II, this not only encourages and rewards stronger exploration of the world map, but enhances strategy against AI or other players.

A good example is the Brigand Hideout that can build itself up and can attack you if you don’t take them out early unlike Independent cities in the previous series. Next are Hearts which are new magical structures that remove income and movement penalties against your race because they hide  the terrain around them, hopefully you won’t have the luck of creating a game and finding yourself with a Heart that’s against your race alignment, Undead won’t like fluffy grass on a sunny day for example.

Age of Wonders III Hearts

Green Hearts make High Elves happy.

Since our question about the Destabilize Mana Core, if you’ve not been following the Age of Wonders III developer diaries, you’ll want to keep an eye on this upcoming Might and Magic competitor that’s aiming for release around early 2014 by checking out our interview with Lenart Sas of Triumph Studios. You can take a look at their official website for more info.