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Developer Playstark has just released its 3v3 hero shooter / monster hunter hybrid, Agents: Biohunters into Steam Early Access. We managed to get our hands on a preview of the game in March, but at that stage, the game still needed a lot of work — in both design and gameplay. Playstark has had an additional month to work on its game and refine its gameplay, so it will be very interesting to see what’s been done. It’s free to play, so no harm in giving it a try.

That giant monster sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Steam Early Access will be Agents’ chance to prove itself

The Agents: Biohunters official site gives a little bit of context for why giant monsters are rampaging across the land and why players are roaming about hunting them. I say a little bit because it really isn’t much. All it says is that creatures are attacking and heroes are required to defend us. I think “us” means humanity. It’s a little unclear why the agents also fight each other if the fate of the human race is at stake. Maybe for fame and glory?

That aside, the concept of Agents: Biohunters does sound engaging. Team up with two other players, select your class, and hunt monsters while also battling another team of three players. It sounds like it could be an event in Fortnite, which is a good thing. It’s competitive, with some interesting mechanics to challenge you.

Agents: Biohunters preview closed beta impressions PC

Each agent wields a unique weapon and possesses some potent abilities that you’re going to need to survive the waves of enemies. Killing creatures and completing objectives will give you XP to level up and learn your various skills. The agents fall into one of the three classic classes: tank, damage dealer, or healer. In a match, you’ll first take down hordes of smaller foes, then capture points before the enemy team, and then you get to tackle the big Arnold Schwarzenegger-sounding boss.

Playstark plans to add more agents to the Agents: Biohunters roster during early access. There are also plans to release new maps, more types of enemies, and new motorcycles. (You can summon these to traverse the large map.) There’s a roadmap on the way that will explain everything.

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