Satellite Reign

5 Lives’ Syndicate-style Kickstarter Satellite Reign has reached its funding target of £350,000 GBP with four days to spare. The team is understandably quite chuffed about this, offering “a huge thanks” to anybody who has backed so far and dropping a helpful reminder that there are still some tasty stretch goals to aim for now that the game will be getting developed.

First on that stretch list is (at £380,000 GBP) the hiring of Syndicate series composer Russell Shaw, followed by (£400,000 GBP) localisation and translation into multiple other languages. With only four days left, going much further than that seems like a pipe-dream, but £440,000 GBP would bring the welcome inclusion of environmental destruction.

PayPal pledging is said to be on the way soon, so if you’re holding out for that method of payment then it should be available in the next day or so.

If you missed the in-engine gameplay mock-up from earlier in the week, there it is again below.

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