Aggressive investment: debut Syndicate trailer

The debut trailer for Starbreeze’s ‘re-interpretation’ of the Syndicate license has been implanted in our neural chips.
It may be low on top-down-ish violence, but it is heavy on the remorseless acts of brutality befitting of vicious coporations. Good bits: using some sort of neural interface to force a cop to shoot his friend and then himself, casually executing a couple of security types with a cheery wave.
It’s a slick bit of footage and no mistake, hopefully one that isn’t relying too heavily on scripted nonsense. This is the sort of stuff players will want direct control over in-game.
Also interesting to note are the similarities to Deus Ex: Human Revolution (not exactly a bad thing); but before accusations of copying start flying, Syndicate has reportedly been in development for a fair while.
Syndicate is due for a February 2012 release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.