Ok, so Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming may not be one of the world’s most anticipated games, but the fact that it exists at all makes me quite happy. Next time somebody assaults you with boneheaded opinions about how all videogames are horrible, violent, corrupting things; just point them towards this release.
In it, you can embark on “The Golden Age of Farming” between 1950 and 1970 (I really don’t have enough farming knowledge to agree with or dispute that) in locations like Tuscany or the Northern Alps. Naturally, you’ll also have a selection of classic, period-appropriate tractors to choose from.
It is, according to this press release I am using my eyes to look at “the most realistic agricultural simulator yet released”. Can’t really argue with that.
Enjoy the sedate trailer, below. Historical Farming is available from today on the PC, priced at £20 GBP.

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