NCsoft has released the translated patch notes for Aion’s huge patch 2.0, revealing many new features, zones and more. The full run-down of 2.0 can be seen over on the official site but, in brief, players in Korea will be seeing most of what is listed below appear on live servers after testing has taken place. The 2.0 patch that Western players get may differ slightly. A new area, the Balaur homeland of Balaurea, has opened up with two new regions. Mobs here are level 51 and above. These regions contain Windstreams, a new feature in Aion. They carry characters swiftly around a zone, some may be left mid-stream, others carry you to a set location. Updrafts and geysers are now in the game, lifting players to higher areas. Some of these blasts of air are blocked by monsters which must be killed first to gain access to the draught. There will be six new instanced dungeons in the game, each with a new theme and environment. Some are for end-game players, but one, Haramel is for characters as low as 18 and is a solo instance. The level cap will be raised to 55, and a selection of new skills is being added, including more advanced versions of some currently available ones.Many quests for higher and lower level characters will also be added such as coin reward, daily and storyline ones. Drop rates of all quest items has been raised, and the difficulty of some group missions has been lowered. Players will find that they need less Aether Powders, Crystals, Gems and Aether to craft average level items. New resources for skills over level 400 can now be found in the new Balaur areas. Pets with functional characteristics have been added, some are purely decorative, some produce items such as dyes, jewels and manastones and some serve as warehouse storage. They can be purchased with Kinah or obtained as quest rewards. Players can now set up the map to see where quests can be acquired for your current level, and info boards have been added to show the location of functional NPCs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

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