NCSoft are set to kick live the AION v2.5 update on the 25th of May called the Empyrean Calling.
    Prior to the game update, NCSoft has updated the official website with furtehr information on what players can expect including improved graphics, pet interactions, mentor system, the Esoterrace Instance and the Empyrean Crucible.
    The full v2.5 patch notes can now be found on the official website and the PTS client will be also be available at 8am PDT which can be downloaded by via the incemental patcher.
    NCSoft’s current schedle of events for AION looks like this:

    The Aion 2.5 PTS goes live on May 12th
    Aion 2.5 patch will go live on May 25th
    Regular Rifting Events

    May 11th-18th
    May 25th-June 1st
    June 8th-15th
    June 22nd-29th

    Special 2.5 Events Calendar

    May 11th – June 10th: Increased XP Event
    May 18th – 25th: Increased Droprates
    May 18th – June 1st: PVP AP Event
    May 25 – June 10th: Instance Cooldowns 


    Paul Younger
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