Next week the free to play version of AION will go into closed beta testing and gamers can now download the F2P client in advance.
On 26 January a select group of testers will be be invited to take part in the EU testing which will run for three weeks. If you want to take part you need to be signed up to the AION newsletter which you can find on
Active testers will be able to  gain rewards for their efforts and will be assigned verteran accounts when the game goes live. Really active testers will also be rewarded with premium Gold Packet accounts.
As part of the testing process a test item shop will also be up and running for the Beta which players can check out for free.
The Beta client is available now in English, German and French, although the Beta test will be in the English language only.
Note that when the test concludes all characters will be wiped any rewards gained will be transferred to players on release of the game.

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