Aion Holiday Ascension Pack Unveiled

NCsoft has released details of the Aion Holiday Ascension Pack, which contains in-game items that vary depending on which retailer the pack is purchased from.In addition to a selection of potions and scrolls, gamers will find a special dye that customises the appearance of characters in Aion. The colour of the dye depends on where the pack is purchased. The contents of the pack are as follows:Amazon – Hot Orange Dye
Best Buy – Mustard Dye
Game Stop – True Black Dye
Target – True Red Dye
Wal-Mart – True White Dye
Lesser Life Potions (20)
Lodas’s Amulet (15)
Lesser Running Scroll (15)NCsoft also said that players will be able to buy 30 or 60 day game-time cards soon, just in time for Christmas. There is no news on costs as yet, but here are some examples of the dyes: