Aion’s Lance Stites has spoken about the current state of the game in a letter to the players, confirming that players on realms with long queues will have a chance to move servers.In the letter, he reviews the release of the game in North America and Europe and, although he says the game is “polished and incredibly fun”, Stites acknowledges that the server queues were somewhat of a problem, referring to them as the team’s biggest challenge so far.Despite running several calculations and adding an additional 25% server capacity over and above what the team expected, the huge demand for the game was overwhelming. Players are staying online for longer than anticipated, and at times 60% or more of the playerbase is online at once.He goes on to explain what they are doing to relieve the situation; the server population caps have been increased, and new servers have been added. However, some servers are full to brimming, whereas others still have plenty of room. Stites assures players that a system to transfer characters is in the works:“I’m excited to confirm that we are currently working on implementing a server transfer service beginning next month. Specifically, we will offer every player a free one-time server transfer for a limited time to select servers.”Read more on his thoughts in the full letter.

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