Aion Spiritmasters To Get Flying Pets

NCsoft has confirmed that players of Spiritmaster class in the MMO Aion will be able to have their summoned pets accompany them and fight beside them as they fly.

Flight is a major part of Aion, and Spiritmaster’s pets are important to the class, which is why fans were excited about a rumour that NCsoft was planning to implement flight for pets, enabling them to fight alongside their owners – a huge bonus in the Abyss.

It turns out that the feature has already been introduced to the Korean version of Aion, and we’ll get it here soon in the west too, just not this month:

“The development team in Korea has implemented the flying pet enhancement, and it’s working to bring the update to the NA and EU servers soon. We don’t have an estimate at this time as to when this update will be implemented in the West. However, we will be releasing more information in the coming weeks.”

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