The latest batch of screenshots from NCSoft’s upcoming MMO, Aion: Tower of Eternity, has been released, demonstrating the extremely high quality of the game’s graphics.

These latest images show various settings and encounters in the game, and what appear to be a few bosses. NCSoft has also released a number of short videos recently to give fans a glimpse of some areas in the Aion universe in-game, the latest one being the Ishalgen Asmodae Zone Tour Trailer.

The western launch date for Aion, which launched in Korea in November 2008, is currently expected to be the Autumn of 2009:

“The localization effort is enormous, with a vast amount of content. Aion is not simply being translated, a team of dedicated content writers are re-creating the written dialogue and content to provide AAA quality and to ensure that it is culturally relevant for our audience.” said Aion’s Executive Producer Lance Stites. “We are going to do this launch “right” rather than fast.”

The Chinese launch of Aion was due to be today, although the open beta was somewhat delayed. See the newly-released screenshots below.

Paul Younger
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