Aion producer Chris “Kinslon” Hager has explained a few of the new features that will arrive in the game when patch 1.9 hits.

One of the major mechanics that players are keen to find out more about is the new stun defense system, and Hager speaks about this in detail. He explains how the new skills are acquired and how they work:

“At level 40, every class can purchase the Remove Shock skill from the appropriate skill trainer (preceptor). Remove Shock is a regular skill that can be learned after being purchased.”

“Once your character has learned the skill you’ve purchased, if your character becomes stunned in combat, Remove Shock becomes available as a chain skill that you can use to remove the stun and increase your character’s resistance to stun, knockback, and similar conditions for 7 seconds. At later levels, class-specific skills that you can also learn will act as chain skills that let you go on the offensive in addition to the basic abilities of Remove Shock.”

Hager also states that the system balances out the game, allowing each class to counteract and counterattack stun blocks, within reason.

The interview also takes a look at the new daily quests. There will be two factions that players must choose from, one faction gives out daily quests from level 30, one from level 40. Players will receive one quest each day until they leave their chosen faction. The rewards vary greatly, “from XP and Kinah to mist (time-limited) weapons, armor, and even some new titles!” The time is takes to complete the quests is also said to differ. You can see the full interview at the official site.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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