The latest Ask Kinslon for Aion’s upcoming patch 1.9 has revealed details on the new game mechanic Energy of Salvation, the crit spell stat and Energy of Repose’s changes.

When asked about the purpose behind Energy of Salvation, Kinslon explained that the new feature is for those how like to take the levelling process a little slower:

“Energy of Salvation is for players who are leveling more slowly than other players of the same level. You can gain Energy of Salvation starting at level 15. It is intended for casual players, or players that really enjoy exploring and pursuing interests in game that don’t drive directly toward leveling as fast as possible. It’s also meant for people who get distracted by shiny things instead of leveling”

He went on to confirm that Salvation doesn’t affect the amount of Abyss points players earn while in the Abyss.

Energy of Repose will now start from level 15 instead of 20 and gves the following boost to XP:Levels 15–44: 40% bonusLevels 45–50: 30% bonus
On the subject of the new spell crit, Kinslon confirmed that, sadly, it will not be applied to healing spells.

Finally, he asserted that Spiritmasters, Clerics, and Rangers should be looking forward to the new stats:

“When a manastone with a new stat is socketed to an item (or the item has this stat), part of the item’s bonus will increase the stats of pets, traps, or summoned energy. To break it down a bit, here are the stats that will give bonuses to summoned spirits, traps, and energy:Spiritmaster Spirits: HP, Physical Attack, Physical Critical Hit, Accuracy, Evasion, Physical Defense, Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy, Magic ResistanceRanger Traps: Magic Boosting Power, Magic AccuracyCleric/Spiritmaster Summon Material (Summon Energy): Physical Attack, Accuracy, Magic Attack, Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy”
For further details, see the original post.

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