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Cast your minds back to an enigmatic trailer released by bitComposer last week. Actually you don’t need to do any mind casting, you can just follow the link. Anyway, the game that was being teased there has been revealed today as Air Conflicts: Vietnam.

The latest in the arcade flight series will be going, obviously, to 1960s Vietnam. In the main campaign, you’ll be playing as young US pilot Joe Thompson, who “begins to realise that every war has two sides, and every┬ávictory has its victims.” So that’s good, he’s alert enough to recognise the obvious.

More than 20 “accurately simulated” fighters and (for the first time in the series) helicopters will be yours to fly over a series of missions. On certain outings, you’ll be able to control multiple jets in a squadron and equip them differently. Multiplayer modes are also listed as a feature, so that’ll be in there in some form.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam will be coming in ‘Q3’ (July-September) this year. Let’s hope it has an appropriate soundtrack.


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