Alan Wake 2 release date confirms plenty of scares before Halloween

Alan Wake 2 Release Date 2023 Trailer Gameplay Story Pc

It’s fair to say fans of the original Alan Wake have waited long enough at this point for a proper sequel. That’s why today’s no-nonsense announcement got straight to the burning question. The release date for Alan Wake 2 is now confirmed for October 17, and Remedy Entertainment showed off a new trailer at Sony’s May 2023 PlayStation showcase.

The trailer teases the story along with several gorgeous shots of the graphics. Spooky is definitely back for round two, and in high fidelity no less. There is undoubtedly plenty of nostalgia as well to see the town of Bright Falls once again.

This time, there appear to be some festivities going on during the time at which the story takes place. Banners read “Deerfest” down the streets, and there’s even a creepy scene in which the figure of a man smashes through a wall while wearing a strange deer mask. Perhaps we have a new phrase “fear the deer” on our hands.

Alan Wake 2 Trailer Release Date Gameplay Story Monsters 2023 Pc Screenshot

Image via Remedy Entertainment

Just in time for Halloween

Undoubtedly the most exciting part is that the game will arrive for spooky season 2023. October tends to be chock full of horror and dark-themed games, so Alan Wake 2 is right at home with its planned release date.

Remedy Entertainment still hasn’t talked much about the gameplay in Alan Wake 2, but today’s press release did confirm the sequel will be fully accessible to new players. That’s completely understandable given how many years have passed since the release of the original. At the same time, the developers assure fans that the sequel remains true to the themes which made the first Alan Wake such a hit.

Alan Wake 2 is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC and launches on October 17.

We also just recently previewed The Outlast Trials if you want to know what else is in store for scary games later in 2023. Remedy also confirmed last year that Control 2 is in the development pipeline.

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