alan wake remedy publishing rights

This coming weekend may be the best time to get hold of Alan Wake on PC for a while, as the game will soon be pulled from sale. Remedy announces that music licenses in the game are soon to expire, and they can’t guarantee the studio will be able to renew them.

As a result, there’ll be a ‘Sunset Sale’ for the game on Steam starting tomorrow. Between 13 May and 15 May, Alan Wake will be available at a 90% discount (making it about $3.00 US). All DLC and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be on sale too.

According to Remedy’s FAQ about the situation, American Nightmare will not be affected. The studio negotiated the music licensing for American Nightmare themselves; the unspoken suggestion here being that Microsoft were responsible for negotiating the first game. In terms of why discounts on the game may differ in various stores, they say “Remedy can only control pricing on Steam”.

They confirm that they’re looking into renegotiating the expiring licenses, but have “no timeframe for this”. So while Alan Wake may reappear for sale at some point in the future, it may not.

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