Lords of Football - fergie

Dry those eyes, Manchester United fans, Alex Ferguson will live on in Lords of Football. The player-centered football management title has just issued an update to the game which will allow players to change the name of matchday injury time to “Fergie time,” in honour of the infamous “until Manchester United score” periods added to the end of certain matches over the years.

The game will update itself through Steam. I’m not sure whether the GamersGate version installs on Steam as well; if it does, that’s how you’ll get your update. If not, you’ll have to wait for the GamersGate patch.

Publishers Geniaware have also issued an amusing image of Fergie sat on the in-game docks, fishing. Sadly, there’s no indication that he actually shows up in the game. No sign of a new option to allow you to kick football boots at your players either.

You can read the IncGamers review of Lords of Football, here.

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