Alien Isolation (4)

That looks familiar, anyway.

Alien: Isolation is already a curious game. For a start it’s being made by Creative Assembly, who aren’t exactly known for first-person titles. They’ve released stuff like the hack’n’slash Viking: Battle for Asgard, but mostly they concentrate on the Total War series.

SEGA currently has rights to use the Aliens license (at least, the videogames portion of it) and owns the Creative Assembly studio. It appears the publisher is ready to have another go at an Aliens game after the disaster of Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. A trademark for Aliens: Isolation was filed back in October and rumours that the game will star Ripley’s daughter Amanda (mentioned in the director’s cut of the film Aliens,) along with the game’s first-person “horror-stealth” aspects have been floating around for a while.

Earlier in the week, some box art leaked which appeared to confirm all of the above.

alien isolation

Now, the twitter feed “lifelower” has published some images which are said to be “confirmed” as being from Aliens: Isolation. Quite who has confirmed this isn’t exactly clear, so keep that in mind before deciding they’re definitely real. See? Curious. One of them does have the classic Aliens scanner in it though. You can see the new images, below.

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