September 5th, 2017

Alien: Isolation trailer focuses on the horror

Alien: Isolation trailer focuses on the horror
Alien: Isolation
Like all the best horror tools, the motion detector is kind of useful but also massively ratchets up the tension.

Crikey, but this trailer makes Alien: Isolation look like Outlast in space. Which seems like one of the best ways to do an Alien game, if you ask me.

The newest Alien: Isolation trailer focuses on the game’s horror more than anything, with plenty of emphasis on running and hiding from both the xenomorph stalking the corridors, and some nasty humans. There are little snippets of things that I warily call “cinematic” and “game-y”, like using a flamer and coming face-to-pharyngeal-jaws with the xenomorph only for an explosion to knock it away, but for the most part the trailer is all about being very scared, hiding in cupboards, and sprinting down corridors. Which, as I said above, seems right to me.

I’m also pleased with the authenticity of the gadgets, insofar as this really does look and feel quite Alien. If there really is more of a focus on atmosphere than there is on gunplay, then Sega might be onto a genuinely scary winner.

Alien: Isolation is due out on 7 October.

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  • Comments:
    • Asteria

      I have to admit this is looking really good. I didn’t hold out much hope for another Alien game but CA look to be doing a good job.

    • lazerbeak

      Trailers are pointless, Alien Colonial Marines trailer was a lie, Watch Dogs Trailer was a lie, and god knows what else

      • Tim McDonald

        Probably true, but dammit, I WANT TO BELIEVE. I mean, sometimes games look really good and then turn out to be really good! Sometimes!

    • lazerbeak

      Thats why I don’t watch them Tim, they just give false expectations get me really excited and then when the game fails to live up to that I get angry and feel cheated and abused, sounds a bit like my life in general tbh