Alien: Isolation
Alien Isolation - 09

Kiss me, darling!

It’s good to hear the Inception Horn sound effect still getting some use in this extended Alien: Isolation TV ad spot. For a while everybody was using it, and then it went away for a bit.

Now it’s back, and bwwaaarrrrp-ing away over some footage of Alien: Isolation that may or may not have been shown already. Since it’s a TV ad, I’m going to assume it’s mostly recycling stuff, but you never know.

Reminder: when it says “nominated for over 50 game awards” at the start, that’s essentially meaningless. Any game “awards” given out prior to a title’s actual release are a total waste of time. That’s no reflection on the potential quality of Alien: Isolation, and entirely a reflection on idiotic game coverage practices.

According to Creative Assembly, this is a “community-exclusive” cut of the ad. In it, Amanda Ripley isn’t too impressed at being stranded on a space station, surrounded by death and a hungry alien. For obvious reasons.

Alien: Isolation is coming to the PC on 7 October. If you missed yesterday’s trailer about misdirection, follow that prior link.

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