Aliens Dark Descent Game Reveal

Just when you thought it’d be a while before we see another Aliens game, Focus Home Interactive has revealed a new one during Summer Game Fest 2022. Aliens: Dark Descent is an isometric, real-time tactics game, where you lead a team against the Xenomorph threat. However, it seems like there are more enemies than your typical bugs.

The trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent doesn’t reveal much on gameplay. Instead, we see a marine getting interrogated following a botched mission that ran across, you guessed it, Xenomorphs. While the bug infestation is expected, it soon becomes clear that they’re not the only hunters in town. I’m not referring to the Predator, no. But that would be incredible. Instead, we see the marine focusing in on what looks to be modified humans with mechanical parts. They aren’t being attacked by Xenomorphs. We can only assume that, somehow, they have an alliance.


In the game, you command a team of marines from an isometric angle. You move your squad through areas, eliminating hostiles as you come across them. There’s strategy involved, however, such as the ability to place motion trackers. There are also shortcuts in levels to discover. According to the Steam page, Aliens: Dark Descent is a “persistent world where your actions impact levels forever.”

An express elevator to Hell

Tactics are the name of the game in Aliens: Dark Descent. Your squad can be customized with classes, and RPG elements allow you to level up and unlock abilities. As you earn more experience, you gain access to more weapons, armor, and perks. You can also research tech while manning your base of operations. Squad tactics can be changed based on the mission. You also must watch over your team, and keep an eye on not just their health, but their very sanity. Mental breakdowns are a feature in the game, and you can apparently lose team members if you’re not careful.

Aliens: Dark Descent is heading to PC next year.

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