Anime Champions Reroll Quirks
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All Anime Champions Quirks: Drop rates, stats, and how to reroll

It's getting a little quirky in here.

Quirks are powerful bonuses that can be rolled onto your Roblox Anime Champions characters to make them stronger. You may want to reroll them, however, to get the ones you want. After learning about enrolling Quirks, I’ll break down all the Quirks in Anime Champions, their drop rates, and their stats.

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How to reroll Quirks in Anime Champions

All characters you receive will be without a Quirk in Anime Champions. Although rerolling would typically mean redoing a rolled Quirk, it’s also the exact same process for getting a Quirk for the first time.

To apply a new Quirk or reroll a Quirk in Anime Champions, you need to visit the Quirks space in the Rerolls section of Champion City (the main hub). You will find this just outside of the main lobby with the teleport.

Anime Champions Quirks
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Walk up the steps and walk into the space with “Quirks” above it. Then, select the Champion that you want to reroll the Quirks for.

With that done, select one of the Quirk spaces to the right of the Champion and hit “reroll.” Make sure to select the Quirk that you want replacing when you do it!

Anime Champions All Quirks
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Rerolling a Champion’s Quirks costs Medals. Depending on the planet of origin, each Champion requires different Medals that can be obtained from the raid from that planet. For example, Dragon Medals will reroll the Quirks of characters from Green Planet.

Premium Medals can be used to reroll the Quirks of any character, and you only need one Premium Medal for the reroll. Also, using Premium Medals improves the chances of rolling better Quirks.

Now that you know how to reroll Champion Quirks in Anime Champions, let’s go over all the Quirks and their drop rates.

All Quirks and drop rates in Anime Champions

Anime Champions Quirks Rerolling
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There are quite a few Quirks in Anime Champions that you could get for your Champions. Let’s go over all of them and their drop rates:

QuirkQuirk BuffsNormal Drop RatePremium Drop Rate
Strong I1.1x DMG11.6%3.5%
Rich I1.05x Coins11.6%3.5%
Accurate I1.05x Crit Chance11.6%3.5%
Strong II1.2x DMG3.8%3.5%
Rich II1.15x Coins3.8%3.5%
Mage I1.15x Ability DMG
1.02x Ability Charge Speed
Lucky I1.05x Luck3.8%3.5%
Genius I-9% XP Required for next LVL3.8%3.5%
Fast I1.2x Attack and Move SPD3.8%3.5%
Collector I1.02x Drops3.8%3.5%
Accurate II1.1x Crit Chance3.8%3.5%
Strong III1.3x DMG2.5%2.5%
Rich III1.25x Coins2.5%2.5%
Mage II1.3x Ability DMG
1.05x Ability Charge Speed
Lucky II1.1x Luck2.5%2.5%
Genius II-19% XP Required for next LVL2.5%2.5%
Fast II1.5x Attack and Move SPD2.5%2.5%
Collector II1.04x Drops2.5%2.5%
Accurate III1.25x Crit Chance2.5%2.5%
Teleport1.5x Attack SPD
Can teleport
Mage III1.5x Ability DMG
1.1x Ability Charge Speed
Lucky III1.15x Luck1.7%3.5%
Genius III-32% XP Required for next LVL1.7%3.5%
Fast III2x Attack and Move SPD1.7%3.5%
Collector III1.06x Drops1.7%3.5%
Thief1.25x DMG
2x Attack SPD
2x Move SPD
1.2x Coins
1.09x Drops
Sniper1.2x DMG
1.6x Crit Chance
2x Crit DMG
Leprachaun1.1x DMG
2x Attack SPD
2x Move SPD
1.2x Luck
1.35x Coins
Smaller Size
Giant2.5x DMG
1.2x Crit Chance
0.8x Attack SPD
Bigger Size
Assassin1.5x DMG
1.2x Crit Chance
1.5x Boss DMG
1.5x Attack SPD
2x Move SPD
Archmage1.5x DMG
2x Ability DMG
1.2x Ability Charge SPD
Titan3.5x Punch DMG
1.5x Crit Chance
2x Crit DMG
0.6x Attack SPD
0.45x Ability DMG
Can teleport
Bigger Size
Crimson Demon0.7x Punch DMG
10x Ability DMG
1.3x Crit Chance
0.75x Charge SPD
Can teleport
Celestial1.3x Crit Chance
1.95x Boss DMG
Can teleport
Boxer6.5x Punch DMG
1.6x Attack SPD
0.7x Ability DMG
1.3x Crit Chance
10x Move SPD
Blessed1.25x Luck
1.25x Coins
1.12x Drops
3.5x DMG
2.2x Attack SPD
3.5x Move SPD
Black Hole0.7x Punch DMG
1.3x Crit Chance
2x Crit DMG
6.5x Ability DMG
1.75x Ability Charge SPD
Can teleport
Atomic11x Ability DMG
3x Crit Multiplier
1.4x Crit Chance
4.5x Base DMG

Generally, the rarer the Quirk, the better it is. That’s why rerolling is important so you can try your luck at Atomic.

Now that you know everything about Quirks and rerolling them in Anime Champions, you can fight your enemies with confidence. Some reward codes will go a long way, however!

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