Cookie Run Kingdom Holiday Express Chapter 1 Answers
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All answers for Holiday Express Chapter 1 in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

This chapter opens and ends with a surprising noir twist, so trust no one!

The Holiday Season is upon us, and what’s more festive than cookies? That’s right, adorable fighting cookies, thanks to Cookie Run Kingdom! The latest themed story event is Holiday Express, and we’ve got the answers for Chapter 1 in Cookie Run Kingdom!

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There are 2 questions asked in Chapter 1 Scene 4 for Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) Chapter 1, with the answers below. This scene, “After the Supper”, features an investigation of Linzer Cookie’s suite after she swaps with Creme Brulee Cookie on the train!

Holiday Express Chapter 1 SceneQuestionAnswer
1-4Where is Linzer Cookie right now?Suite Nine
1-4When is the special ceremony? 00:00-01:00: Tree-Lighting Ceremony

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Not only are these questions in the same scene, but they’re also back-to-back in Cookie Run Kingdom, and it hints at the answers pretty easily. The first 3 scenes of the chapter are purely introductions as you get comfortable on this train journey! There’s no combat, just dialogue, and these easy questions to start you out!

You’ll notice a sort of Agatha Christie theme to this, along with a surprising film noir filter, so in more ways than one, this story is a treat! Who knew you’d be solving a cookie-themed parody of Murder on the Orient Express? Make sure to dip in for the other chapters as well!

How to play Holiday Express in CRK

If you’re just downloading the game now, you’ll first have to complete the game’s tutorial! The last quest before you can play is where you’re shown how to level up your characters. After that, just hit ‘Play!’ on the bottom right and you can select Holiday Express from there! Luckily, you don’t have to be far in the game to enjoy this event!

This teaches you the aspects of Cookie Run Kingdom’s gameplay including its combat, the gacha system, and the numerous modes you can play!

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