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All answers for Holiday Express Chapter 4 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Sweet dreams are made of this...

Players of Cookie Run Kingdom can earn some exciting rewards this holiday season through the Holiday Express Event, and here are the answers to all the Chapter 4 questions.

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Holiday Express Chapter 4
  • Question: What is an evidence that contradicts Creme Brulee Cookie’s usual behavior?
    • Answer 1: Organized Books and Sheet Music. The books and sheet music are organized neatly, a glimpse into Creme Brulee Cookie’s personality.
    • Answer 2: Creme Brulee Cookie’s Sheet Music. Sheet music for this year’s Grand Holiday Concert. Wait, the order is all messed up!

Investigating the Conductor’s Quarters

  • Question: Royal Bear Jelly’s drawer containing his personal items. It’s locked with a passcode… What could it be…?
    • Answer: 0-2-4-6

The Truth Revealed

  • Question: What is an object that could melt in a heated room?
    • Answer: Piece of Ice Cream Cake. It’s made of ice cream. Better eat it fast before it melts.
  • Question: What do you get from melting an ice cream cake?
    • Answer: Piece of Ice Cream Cake. Full of red, juicy berry filling.
  • Question: Why can’t the jam on the candy be Old Jolly’s?
    • Answer: Schwarzwalder’s Statement. Since he’s not a Cookie, he leaks cherry jam, not strawberry.

The Holiday Express Event is a Holiday event in Cookie Run Kingdom where you will need to solve a set of questions by collecting investigative materials. These questions are a part of an investigation and you have to observe certain evidence before answering them.

There are five chapters in the event, and each chapter is separated into different stages. Each stage will provide you with some kind of evidence and clue, which you must analyze through some brainwork. Afterward, you will find a few questions on your screen, which must be answered using the evidence that you just analyzed.

Before you head to Chapter 4, check out all the answers to the hardest stage of this event, Chapter 2.

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