All Cat Locations In Zenless Zone Zero (zzz) Chalky, Foamy, And Cookie
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All cat locations in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ): Chalky, Foamy, and Cookie


Apart from fighting and solving puzzles in Zenless Zone Zero, there are a bunch of things to collect. Outside of combat, you’ll be tasked with finding cats. To learn the locations of each cat, Chalky, Foamy, and Cookie, in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), this guide can help.

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To find these three feline friends, you have to do the Weekly Custom Schedule which opens after you’ve progressed the story far enough. This is a weekly mission, so when you complete it, you won’t be able to redo the mission — unless you reroll in the game

First, all three are located on Sixth Street, which is the main area where Belle and Wise roam around and interact with other NCPs. Second, these three cats are close to each other, but they can be hard to spot. HoYoverse did a good job of tucking them away while keeping all three out in the open. 

Below, I’ll show you the exact location of each cat. Note: to complete the Weekly Custom Schedule, you must take pictures of the cats. To do so, press and hold F on the keyboard to bring up the Ultilty Wheel. From there, look for the camera option. Once you’re on this screen, you should see a slider at the bottom that will let you adjust the zoom. To take a picture, click on the icon located on the right of the screen.

All cat locations in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ): Chalky, Foamy, and Cookie
Screenshot: PC Invasion


Right near the record store and the building where you spend most of the time, look for Godfinger Arcade. Foamy will be on the three pipes on the right side of the building. This area will be right across from the Noodle Shop.

All cat locations in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ): Chalky, Foamy, and Cookie
Screenshot: PC Invasion


Staying in the area of Godfinger, head to the left side of the arcade near the dog with the scratch tickets. This cat will be on the ground near a bunch of graffiti. To hone in on your search, look for a blue cat painting on the wall, Chalky will be in front of it. 

Zzz Chalky
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Head to the Noodle Shop, but go to the right of it. Look for a scooter near a bunch of standing chairs. Cookie should be on the scooter’s pack near a red door. 

Zzz Cookie
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After you’ve found the third cat, the Weekly Custom Schedule completes. Since Zenless Zone Zero has cross-platform saves, you don’t have to find these kitties again when you go to a new system. 

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