All Diablo 4 Cellar Locations and Map (Season 1)

Frozen Tunnal Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has cellars. Diablo 4 has so many cellars. In fact, Diablo 4 has over 140 different cellars dotted around the rich and varied map. Each one offers the chance to obtain great new loot and even meet new NPCs with exciting questlines. Mostly though, cellars are just a quick way to break up a long walk and get your hands on some materials, a bit of gold, and maybe some shiny new gear. They take little to no time and keep those long slogs through the map slightly more exciting. If you feel the need to be a completionist, though, here is an exhaustive list of all the cellar locations in Diablo 4.

All Diablo Cellar Locations in Diablo 4

There are many locations for cellars around the map, some easy to find and others a little more tricky. There is no need to collect them all as they provide no renown, but if you’re looking for a particular one, this guide will help you track it down.

Fractured Peaks Cellar locations

All Diablo Cellar Locations in Diablo 4

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Fractures Peaks is home to 29 unique cellars in Diablo 4. This is the region you will start in as you venture out into the wild world of Sanctuary. These are the cellar locations you will cut your teeth on and are a fantastic way to start getting your gear up. I love these as a quick way to get gold and XP while you’re still forced to use your feet rather than your horse to get to locations.

Desolate Highlands

  • Abandoned Shack
  • Forsaken Mine
  • Frozen Tunnel
  • Haunted Burrow
  • Iceworn Cellar
  • Infested Cottage

Dobrev Taiga

  • Disturbed Grave
  • Flooded Mine
  • Hermit’s Abode
  • Savina Hideout

Frigid Expanse

  • Bloodstained Cellar
  • Geyser Sinkhole
  • Gruesome Storage
  • Velkhova Inn

Gale Valley

  • Howling Den
  • Infested Mill
  • Tsepilova Larder

Sarkova Pass

Seat of the Heavens

  • Collapsed Cavern
  • Saint’s Hideout
  • Saint’s Rest

The Pallid Glade

  • Bitter Cave (Necromancer Only)
  • Blacklung Mine
  • Frostbite Delve
  • Lakeside Retreat
  • Oleg’s Hideout
  • Secluded Cabin

Dry Steppes Cellar locations

All Diablo Cellar Locations in Diablo 4

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This is one of my favorite areas on the map aesthetically. Something about the desert just gets me ready to raid cellars. There are 23 cellar locations in total here, and each offers a unique chance to get your hands on some great gear and, at the very least, some new XP and gold.

Chambater Ridge

  • Rotting Pit
  • Steamy Chasm

Dindai Flats

Jakka Basin

  • Blood-Soaked Spence

Khargia Crags

  • Decrepit Hive

Kotama Grasslands

  • Arid Tunnel
  • Briny Cavern
  • Cutpurse’s Hoard
  • Fetid Pit
  • Grain Storage

The Accursed Wastes

  • Abandoned Mineshaft
  • Desolate Vault
  • Dark Hollow
  • Dusty Mineshaft

The Scarred Coast

  • Eroded Cove
  • Hinterlands Shelter
  • Seaside Cavern

Tusmaa Rift

  • Abahru Sinkhole

Untamed Scarps

  • Barren Cave
  • Cannibal’s Hold
  • Marauder’s Hideaway
  • Sun-Bleached Excavation

Hawezar Cellar locations

All Diablo Cellar Locations in Diablo 4

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This small region is great for cellar farming when you need to get some extra gear or gold. The small region is home to 30 different cellar locations in Diablo 4. The cellars are spread almost evenly, with 4 per region. I would recommend this region for horseless cellar clearance.


Dismal Foothills

  • Bloodpox Infestation
  • Cinder Shack
  • Feeding Den
  • Mountain Storeroom

Fethis Wetland

  • Cursed Cabin
  • Dark Catacomb
  • Desecrated Cellar
  • 1Swamped Hideout
  • Aya’s Hideaway

Forsaken Coast

  • Fetid Hive
  • Tidal Burrow
  • Waterlogged Grave

Rotspill Delta

  • Decaying Cavern
  • Flooded Burial Pit
  • Shipwreck Shack
  • Swamp Hovel

The Writing Mire

  • Mire Hideout
  • Sunken Hut
  • Swamp Nest
  • Tormented Pit

Toxic fens

  • Rotting Cave
  • Shoreside Shack
  • Toxic Mine

Umir Plateau

  • Commandeered Lodge
  • Holy Refuge
  • Rocky Burrow

Kehjistan Cellar locations

All Diablo Cellar Locations in Diablo 4

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The Southeast of the map is home to 26 different cellar locations. The northernmost area has very spread-out cellars, but as you get to the south, they become much more concentrated.

Amber Sands

  • Blighted Burrow
  • Bone Dust Hollow
  • Festering Tunnel
  • Foul Grotto
  • Maneater’s Lair
  • Ravaged Ruins


  • City Armory
  • Derelict Tunnel
  • Knight’s Lodging
  • Penitent Temple
  • The Deserted Textile Shop

Ragged Coastline

  • Festering Burrow
  • Forgotten Outpost
  • Ravan’s Folly
  • Sodden Burrow

Scouring Sands

  • Forlorn Cavern
  • Foul Den
  • Groundskeeper’s Shed
  • Hellish Pit
  • Raider’s Mine
  • Rancid Vermin Nest
  • Sandy Ruins

Southern Expanse

  • Hakans Hot Spring
  • Marauder’s Hideaway
  • Webbed Den
  • Wicked Sanctum

Scosglen Cellar locations

All Diablo Cellar Locations in Diablo 4

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This area has the least amount of cellars in one of the largest areas on the map. Not exactly where I would choose to go if looking to farm cellar locations. However, if you are making your way through the huge area, they are great for breaking up the monotony of walking in Diablo 4.

Deep Forest

  • Fisherman’s Rest
  • Lost Ritual Site
  • Webbed Lode

Highland Wilds

  • Nefarious Hallow
  • Remote Shelter


  • Forgotten Shack
  • Rotting Outhouse
  • Watery Sinkhole

Strand Ancient

  • Grave
  • Drowned Burrow
  • Garan Undercroft
  • Scorched Cellar

The Down

  • Decrepit Cellar
  • Disturbed Arachnid Tunnels
  • Wretch’s Stow

The Emerald Chase

  • Moldy Cavern

The Shrouded

  • Moors Infested Pit
  • Overgrown Outpost

Wailing Hills

  • Abandoned Cottage
  • Infested Basement
  • Westering Lowlands Meat Locker
  • Smuggler’s Underpass


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