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All Dawntrail Hunt Mark locations in Final Fantasy XIV

Track down your prey to earn rewards.

Whether you’re looking to get some easy XP or unlock unique rewards in Final Fantasy XIV, Hunts are a very rewarding side activity that a lot of players neglect. The Dawntrail expansion brings new Hunt Marks for each of its zones, and tracking down these targets will grant you a solid chunk of XP and some Sacks of Nuts that can be exchanged for Materia, minions, and more.

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How to Unlock Dawn Hunts in Final Fantasy XIV

Dawn Hunts are unlocked in Tuliyolal, the starting city of Dawntrail. The Hunt vendor is located near the Bayside Bevy Marketplace Aetheryte shard just south of the settlement’s main Aetheryte crystal. At level 90, you can speak to the Wings of Protection Scout to unlock the first set of Hunts for Dawntrail.

Here are the quests and requirements for all Dawntrail Hunt ranks.

Hunts UnlockedQuest NameRequired Level
Junior HuntsA New Dawn, A New Hunt90
Associate HuntsWhy We Hunt94
Senior HuntsHunting the Hunter99
Elite HuntsThe Hunt Goes On100

All FFXIV Dawntrail Hunt Mark Locations

When you visit the Hunt Board and accept your daily targets, you’ll be pointed to a vague region for each required enemy. It can be frustrating to comb through each zone looking for one specific foe, so we’ve compiled a list of all Hunt Mark locations for every Dawntrail zone.


Hunt MarkLocation
Bird of LigakaFfxiv Dawntrail Bird Of Ligaka Location
GlowflyFfxiv Dawntrail Glowfly Location
Go’ozoabek’beFfxiv Dawntrail Goozoabekbe Location
Hammerhead CrocodileFfxiv Dawntrail Hammerhead Crocodile Location
Jungle IguanaFfxiv Dawntrail Jungle Iguana Location
Jungle PelicanFfxiv Dawntrail Jungle Pelican Location
OcelotFfxiv Dawntrail Ocelot Location
Paper WaspFfxiv Dawntrail Paper Wasp Location
Poison FrogFfxiv Dawntrail Poison Frog Location
Rhino BeetleFfxiv Dawntrail Rhino Beetle Location
SwampmonkFfxiv Dawntrail Swampmonk Location
TeguFfxiv Dawntrail Tegu Location
TomatonFfxiv Dawntrail Tomaton Location
ToucalibriFfxiv Dawntrail Toucalibri Location
Turali MorbolFfxiv Dawntrail Turali Morbol Location
U’outFfxiv Dawntrail U'out Location
WidowmakerFfxiv Dawntrail Widowmaker Location
WoodsmanFfxiv Dawntrail Woodsman Location


Hunt MarkLocation
AlpacaFfxiv Dawntrail Alpaca Location
BandocoeurlFfxiv Dawntrail Bandocoeurl Location
BarbmoleFfxiv Dawntrail Barbmole Location
BloodsuckerFfxiv Dawntrail Bloodsucker Location
Chaba GedanFfxiv Dawntrail Chaba Gedan Location
Chirwagur EngraverFfxiv Dawntrail Chirwagur Location
Chirwagur SaltworkerFfxiv Dawntrail Chirwagur Location
Chirwagur SabreurFfxiv Dawntrail Chirwagur Location
ChupacabraFfxiv Dawntrail Chupacabra Location
FlintFfxiv Dawntrail Flint Location
HuallepenFfxiv Dawntrail Huallepen Location
LongjawFfxiv Dawntrail Longjaw Location
MegamagueyFfxiv Dawntrail Megamaguey Location
Molten PhoebadFfxiv Dawntrail Molten Phoebad Location
Mountain BearFfxiv Dawntrail Mountain Bear Location
NaryordorFfxiv Dawntrail Naryordor Location
RidgetrapFfxiv Dawntrail Ridgetrap Location
SienhamFfxiv Dawntrail Sienham Location
Silver LoboFfxiv Dawntrail Silver Lobo Location
TulidileFfxiv Dawntrail Tulidile Location
Turali NetzachFfxiv Dawntrail Turali Zetzach Location
Queen HawkFfxiv Dawntrail Queen Hawk Location

Yak T’el

Hunt MarkLocation
BalyaborrFfxiv Dawntrail Balyaborr Location
Blue MorphoFfxiv Dawntrail Blue Morpho Location
BranchbearerFfxiv Dawntrail Branchbearer Location
Fly AgaricFfxiv Dawntrail Fly Agaric Location
IbruqFfxiv Dawntrail Ibruq Location
Killer PiranhaFfxiv Dawntrail Killer Piranha Location
Leaf MantisFfxiv Dawntrail Leaf Mantis Location
MournerFfxiv Dawntrail Mourner Location
NecrosisFfxiv Dawntrail Necrosis Location
Rrax Yity’aFfxiv Dawntrail Rrax Yitya Location
SarraceniaFfxiv Dawntrail Sarracenia Location
T’ohsoqFfxiv Dawntrail Tohsoq Location
Ty’aityaFfxiv Dawntrail Tyaityia Location
Vawtsaral Br’aaxFfxiv Dawntrail Vawtsaral Braax Location
WivreFfxiv Dawntrail Wivre Location
Yak T’el SquibFfxiv Dawntrail Yaktel Squib Location


Hunt MarkLocation
AspisFfxiv Dawntrail Aspis Location
Canyon BatFfxiv Dawntrail Canyon Bat Location
CeratoraptorFfxiv Dawntrail Ceratoraptor Location
Cerule AnalaFfxiv Dawntrail Cerule Anala Location
Cerule BombFfxiv Dawntrail Cerule Bomb Location
Flying PopotoFfxiv Dawntrail Flying Popoto Location
Grasslands WormFfxiv Dawntrail Grasslands Worm Location
GritclawFfxiv Dawntrail Gritclaw Location
Horned LizardFfxiv Dawntrail Horned Lizard Location
Lunyucaua’pyaFfxiv Dawntrail Lunyucaua'pya Location
LunyuhiyshaheFfxiv Dawntrail Lunyuhiyshahe Location
NopalitenderFfxiv Dawntrail Nopalitender Location
RroneekFfxiv Dawntrail Rroneek Location
SunbeardFfxiv Dawntrail Sunbeard Location
Toari AlligatorFfxiv Dawntrail Toari Alligator Location
TumbleclawFfxiv Dawntrail Tumbleclaw Location
Turali HawksbillFfxiv Dawntrail Turali Hawksbill Location
UktenaFfxiv Dawntrail Uktena Location
Wild DharaFfxiv Dawntrail Wild Dhara Location
YeheheceyaaFfxiv Dawntrail Yeheheceyaa Location

Heritage Found

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That’s all you need to know about Dawn Hunts in FFXIV Dawntrail! While roulettes and FATEs are great sources of XP, don’t neglect Hunts if you’re short on experience for one of the new Dawntrail dungeons in the main storyline.

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