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All Deviants’ locations, happiness, and effects in Once Human

Got to catch 'em all.

Deviants in Once Human can be the difference between winning or losing. However, to make the most of their effect, you need to know how to keep them happy, and also what location you can find each of the Deviants in Once Human.

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All Deviants in Once Human

Once Human Deviant
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Deviations can be worn in your backpack or employed in your base. They have various effects on everything from sanity to damage output. Each needs to be kept happy in their own way, via various environmental effects.

It may seem like a lot of effort to track down the locations of all of these Deviants in Once Human, but they can really boost your character and also make a house a home.

This is still a work in progress. There are so many Deviants to find and collect in Once Human, and I am just a man. Just a mortal man.

Deviant nameHow to unlockLocationEffectHappiness
Butterflies EmissaryThe first Deviant given during the intro missions of Once Human.Dayton WetlandsFatal Flaw Auto AttackGreen Light, Flowers
HarveseedThis Deviant is obtained from defeating the Treant boss in the Gaia Cliff Monolith in Once Human.Broken DeltaLiving ArmorCrops, Flowers, High Temp
Festering GelObtained from defeating the first boss, Ravenous Hunter, in the Monolith of Greed.Dayton WetlandsFlawless Fortification
Build Fortification
Red Light, 2W power
Electric EelThere is a chance to acquire this deviant from fishing at Meyer’s Market, Docks.Broken DeltaElectricity FluctuationsBlue Light, Music, High Temperature
Frog The LeaperChance to spawn near the lily pads in the water.
Chance to spawn on top of the stacked cars near the Fastened Mini Reflex Sight.
Iron RiverSpring LegsToy, 2W Power
Pup BuddyChance to drop from Morphic Crates found throughout Nalcott on PvP servers only.Red SandsGreen Light, Music Toys
Canine SkullObtained from defeating the fourth boss, Rabizex, found in the Monolith of Thirst.Chalk PeakSplinter Strike, Auto Attack5W Power, Red Light, Low Temperature
DreamcatcherObtained from defeating the boss Arachsiam inside the Mirage Monolith.Iron RiverDreamcatcherBlue Light, Music Volume, Flowers
RebeccaChance to drop upon completion of the raid in the LEA Research Lab.Red SandsEnergy Recover, Mitsuko plays pianoToys, Flowers, Green Light
Logging BeaverThis Deviant may spawn at the end of the dock in Once Human.Broken DeltaFell TreesMusic, Crops, High Temperature, 3W Power
Gingerbread HouseChance to spawn in the map area in Once Human.Broken DeltaMorph CrumbsRed Light, Crops, High Temperature
Buzzy BeeDeviant may drop from Morphic Crates found throughout Nalcott on Once Human PvE servers only.Dayton WetlandsVariant PlantingMusic, Crops, Flowers
Digby BoyChance to drop from mining ore anywhere. Silver seems to have the highest chance of dropping this Deviant in Once Human.Broken DeltaMine OreMusic, Toy, High Temperature, 5W Power
Hug-in-a-BowlThis one has a chance to spawn on the road west of Hearst Industries.Iron RiverHomemade NoodlesCrops, Flowers
Disco BallOften found Southwest, outside of Greywater Camp.Iron RiverUtter DelightGreen Light, Blue Light, Red Light
Space TurnerThis Deviant can be found outside the Gaia Research Centre Ruins.Broken DeltaSpace TwisterBlue Light, Toy
Mr. WishChance to drop from completing Securement Silo – Sigma.Broken DeltaTarget Paint, Auto AttackRed Light, Music Volume, Flowers, 10W Power
Chefosaurus RexChance to spawn inside Securement Silo – Phi on PvE servers only.Iron RiverCooking SpeedRed Light, Toy, High Temperature
H37Deviant is rewarded for completing Once Human story quests.Iron RiverExplorerMusic, Toy, 10W Power
Polar JellyChance to drop from completing Securement Silo – EX1 on PvE servers only.Chalk PeakFrostlash, Auto AttackBlue Light, 3W power, Low Temp
Enchanting VoidChance to drop from completing Securement Silo – Theta on PvE servers only. Defeat the Gluttony Boss to get this Deviant in Once Human.Red SandsMidnight Maul, Auto AttackRed Light, Flowers, Low Temperature, Electricity
Dr. TeddyChance to drop from completing Securement Silo – Theta on PvP servers only.Red SandsRemote Healing, Intime HealingGreen Light, Toy
NutcrackerAwarded for defeating the Mensdevoran inside the Forsaken Monolith.Red SandsMobile TurretGreen Light, Toy, 5W Power
Pyro DinoThis has a chance to spawn inside Securement Silo – Phi on PvP servers only.Iron RiverAoE Attack, Focussed AttackGreen Light, High Temperature, Toys
Atomic LighterChance to drop from completing Securement Silo – EX1 on PvP servers only.Chalk PeakUncontrollable Fusion LighterRed Light, Music, 3W power
By-The-WindChance to drop from completing a Prime War on PvE servers only.Iron RiverGravity LiftBlue Light, Red Light, Flowers, Electricity
Grumpy BulbChance to obtain from harvesting a Deviated Onion that you planted. It’s possible to buy Onion seeds at the Tall Grass Inn.Chalk PeakConfuse, Status DamageCrops, Flowers, High Temperature
Masonic PyramidThis Deviant has a chance to drop from completing a Prime War on Once Human PvP servers only.Iron RiverA Shattered Dimension WhimBlue Light, Music, High Temperature., 10W Power
Fetch-A-Lot BunnyUse a suitable axe to cut down any giant Dracaena tree for a chance to obtain the Deviant.Broken DeltaHarvests shrubsCrops, Toy, Flowers

Many of these Deviants can spawn anywhere on the map. I have marked down where they are commonly found. However, Deviants like the Disco Ball can just crop up anywhere. It is good to always be on the lookout.

It is possible to collect multiples of the same Deviant, so don’t pass up the ones you already have. The new one may have better stats than the one you currently own.

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