Pax Dei Roadmap
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All early-game resource locations in Pax Dei

Pocketfull of rocks.

As you make your way around the early game Pax Dei landscape, you will come across a lot of resources to gather. It is essential you pick up as many of these as possible, as they will unlock many new recipes. Here is where you can find the early game essential to kick-start your game.

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Where to find Pax Dei resources

Each of these can be found in certain places. Use this guide to speed up the search. It is always a good idea to pay attention to the map; a lot of what you need is already marked there.

Sticks and wood

Sticks and wood are one of the first items you will want to pick up in Pax Dei. As soon as you have one in your inventory, you will be able to start crafting a whole selection of new tools like a hand axe and weapons.

Logs And Sticks In Pax Dei
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Sticks can be picked up from the ground. However, they’re a very popular early-game resource in Pax Dei, so they may be hard to find. If you’re in an area where none seem to be spawning, travel further away from the other players. The problem is most likely that they have all already been gathered.

With just a pocketful of rock and stone, you can craft a stone axe. This will allow you to cut down smaller trees. Cutting down trees will result in the wood resource. Progressing your axe using a crafting table will allow you to cut down larger trees.

Stone resource location

Stone can initially be simply collected from the ground. The rocks are simply boulders laid around the map. They can be found absolutely everywhere. However, when you can build a pick axe by using the crafting bench, you will be able to mine stone from rock deposits.

Look on your map for the mine symbol, usually located in the grey areas. This will be your primary source of the stone resource in Pax Dei. There are many types of stone, such as flint.

Flax location

This is an essential early game resource in Pax Dei as it is used to build a lot of armor and other materials. Thankfully, it requires no tools to harvest and can be found in any of the grassy fields around the map. Keep an eye out for long grass, and look for the brown Flax hidden among it.

Iron locations

Iron ore will require you to have built a pickaxe at your crafting table. Once you have this in your inventory open up your map. On the map, there are various different colors representing the different types of resources. On the left, look for the gray color labeled as Land of Stone. There are the areas you will want to look for Iron.

Iron Ore Resource Location Pax Dei
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Make your way to one of the many areas labelled Land of Stone. Iron ore, which looks like a large black and grey boulder, is around these spots. Start hammering away with your Pickaxe to mine iron.

Hide and meat in Pax Dei

Meat and hide have a multitude of uses as an early game resource in Pax Dei. It can be collected from any of the animals found around the map, but for beginners, I would stick to the smaller ones. Head into the woods to find the boars and badgers that live there.

Make sure you also have a weapon equipped. For the early game, a pointy stick will be more than enough to kill boars and badgers. However, it is always a good idea to keep some food with you to heal.

Food resources

Food resources can be picked up all over the map in Pax Dei. Make sure to grab all the berries and mushrooms you come across. However, not all food will be a benefit and may actually hurt you. Make sure to check inside your inventory for the effects of the food item. Mousing over it will let you know the debuffs and benefits of each.

Clay resource

Clay is one of the most important resources in Pax Dei, but it can sometimes be a little hard to find. Many players will have already cleared out whole areas of the clay resource, so you may need to wait for it to respawn or move on somewhere new.

Clay In Pax Dei Resource
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Clay can be identified by its brown, lump appearance anywhere on the map. You will notice it all over the place as you explore and I highly recommend you pick it up whenever you see it. It isn’t located in one particular place and can be gathered without any tools.

Keep an eye out on the developer’s extensive roadmap to see what else Pax Dei has in store.

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