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All Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree recommended level guide: Bosses and locations

Time to grind.

With such a huge amount of new bosses and locations added in Shadow of The Erdtree, it can be a little confusing working out what level to take them on. Like most FromSoftware games, the map can be navigated in pretty much any order, but this is my take on how you should approach all the bosses in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

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This is how I went about tackling the various bosses in the Elden Ring DLC. I found the levelling of each was about right for me, and although I struggled, I knew it was a skill issue rather than a level one. Just make sure to check out the Scadutree Fragment guide so you’re as powerful as you need to be.

This will be based on your Blessing Level rather than the base Rune level. Although the Runes make a difference, the real game changer is Blessing Level in Shadow of The Erdtree. I would recommend you start the Shadow of The Erdtree DLC at around level 150 or above.

As you make your way through the main quests of Shadow of The Erdtree, you will encounter these bosses. It is possible to skip areas and end up way out of your depth. Getting to Jagged Peak and working your way up the mountain before level 10 is not going to be a good time. Check out this list, and see how you fare.

Radhan Best Op Weapons Shadow Of The Erdtree bosses level
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BossLocationBlessing Level
Divine Beast Dancing LionBelurat, Gravesite Plain3-5
Rellana, Twin Moon KnightCastle Ensis, Gravesite Plain6-7
Putrescent KnightStone Coffin Fissure, Southern Shore7-8
Messmer the ImpalerShadow Keep, Scadu Altus8-10
Romina, Saint of the BudChurch of the Bud, Rauh Ruins8-10
Scadutree AvatarScadutree Base, Scadu Altus10-12
Commander GaiusShadow Keep, Scadu Altus11-13
Metyr, Mother of FingersCathedral of Manus Metyr, Scadu Altus11-14
Midra, Lord of Frenzied FlameMidra’s Manse, Abyssal Woods12-14
Bayle the DreadJagged Peak14+
Radahn, Consort of MiquellaEnir-llim15+

You should seek these out when you’re underway. From my experience, I was around the right level by the time I had reached each of the areas the Shadow of the Erdtree Mausoleum bosses resided in. However, this wasn’t the case with the Blackgaol Knight, as he is right by the entrance. I recommend coming back for this fight.

Mausoleum boss LocationLevel
Blackgaol KnightWestern Nameless Mausoleum, Gravesite Plain5+
Dancer of RanahSouthern Nameless Mausoleum, the Southern Shore6+
Red BearNorthern Nameless Mausoleum, Gravesite Plain6+
RakshasaRecluses’ River Downstream, Scadu Altus7+

Although these are skippable, you want to be the right level for the optional bosses in Shadow of The Erdtree. The problem is that they can be encountered at any time.

Rellana Bosses Order Shadow Of The Erdtree bosses levels
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Field bossLocationLevel
Fallingstar BeastScadu Alus, Hinterlands11+
Ancient Dragon SenessaxJagged Peak10+
Dryleaf DaneScadu Altus, Moorth Ruins5+
Ralva, the Red BearScadu Altus, Highroad Cross8+
Rugalea the Red BearRauh Ruins Base7+
Demi-Human Queen MariggaCerulean Coast West site of grace.8+
Death Rite BirdCharo’s Hidden Grave7+

Finding the various dungeon bosses around Shadow of The Erdtree is a great way to earn a few more levels and some great gear. There are plenty of them to find, but it’s good to know if they’re going to turn you into a pink paste before you head into their arena.

Dungeon bossLocationLevel
Demi-Human Swordsman OnzeBelurat Gaol, Gravesite Plain7+
Ancient Dragon ManDragon’s Pit, Gravesite Plain8+
Magma WyrmDragon’s Pit, Gravesite Plain5+
Death KnightFog Rift Catacombs, Gravesite Plain6+
Chief BloodfiendRivermouth Cave, Gravesite Plain4+
Black Knight EdreddFort of Reprimand, Scadu Altus8+
Curseblade LabirithBonny Gaol, Scadu Altus7+
LamenterLamenter’s Gaol, Charo’s Hidden Grave9+
Death KnightScorpion River Catacombs, Rauh Ruins Base6+
Jori, Elder InquisitorDarklight Catacombs, Abyssal Woods7+

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