All FFXIV Dawntrail Triple Triad Card locations explained
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All FFXIV Dawntrail Triple Triad Card locations, explained

It's still the best Final Fantasy Minigame.

Whether you’re armor hunting or grinding the MSQ, there’s always time for Triple Triad. If you’re a hardcore collector like me, here are all the Dawntrail Triple Triad Card locations in FFXIV.

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Where to find every Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

Before we dive in, I want to preface the guide by saying that we’ll be delving into minor spoiler territory. Some cards are rare drops from specific Dungeons, and I’ll reveal the names of several locations and bosses.

If you want your journey through Dawntraill spoiler-free, I recommend returning here after you’ve beaten the MSQ.

Many Triple Triad cards are obtainable by beating specific NPCs, while others can be obtained in Dungeons. The latter are rare drops, and finding one may take many completions. Fortunately, you can grind Dungeons alone with Trust NPCs if you don’t want to queue for other players.

At the time of writing, I’ve not found every card in the Expansion, but I will update this guide as I obtain new information.

Cards obtainable through Triple Triad matches

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NPCs with the card icon above their heads can participate in Triple Triad matches. Each has at least one card up for grabs, and you have a chance to get it if you beat them in a match.

You’ll usually have to win multiple times to earn the card, so be patient, and you’ll fill your collection soon enough.

Pelupelu Card

  • Location: Tuliyollal – X: 15.0 Y: 13.5
  • NPC: Nyikweni
  • Rank: 1 Star
  • Values: N5, E3, S4, W2

Gulool Ja Ja Card

  • Location: Tuliyollal – X: 15.5 Y: 3.0
  • NPC: Kanilokka (MSQ progression required)
  • Rank: 3 Star
  • Values: N5, E7, S7, W2

Alpaca Card

  • Location: Urqopacha (Wachunpelo) – X: 28.5 Y: 13.0
  • NPC: Wopli
  • Rank: 1 Star
  • Values: N3, E5, S3, W3

Moblin Card

  • Location: Kozama’uka (Earthenshire) – X: 11.5 Y: 27.0
  • NPC: Warsowok
  • Rank: 2 Star
  • Values: N5, E5, S4, W5

Branchbearer Card

  • Location: Yak T’el (Iq Br’aax) – X: 13.0 Y:15.0
  • NPC: Br’uk Noq’
  • Rank: 2 Star
  • Values: N6, E5, S3, W4

Rroneek Card

  • Location: Shaaloani (Hhusatahwi) – X: 29.0 Y: 30.0
  • NPC: Luwyawa
  • Rank: 2 Star
  • Values: N3, E5, S4, W6

I could be unlucky, but the Rroneek Card seems to have a particularly lousy drop rate. Luwyawa also plays with the Plus rule, which may be problematic if you’re a Triple Triad novice.

Sentry R8 Card

  • Location: Heritage Found – X: 19.5 Y: 9.5
  • NPC: Uataaya
  • Rank: 2 Star
  • Values: N4, E6, S4, W5

Outrunner Card

  • Location: Solution Nine – X: 6.0 Y: 14.0
  • NPC: Larisa
  • Rank: 2 Star
  • Values: N5, E3, S6, W5

Task Exclusive Cards

All FFXIV Dawntrail Triple Triad Card locations explained
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These cards are earned through Dungeon or Trial completion and only drop from the final boss. The card isn’t guaranteed, so take your time here.

Drowsie Card

  • Location: Ihuykatumu Dungeon random drop
  • Rank: 3 Star
  • Values: N3, E7, S5, W6

After some practice, the Ikuykatumu Dungeon is pretty easy with the Trust (NPC teammates), so you can quickly add Drowsie to your collection.

Ryoqor Terteh Card

  • Location: Worqor Zormor Dungeon random drop
  • Rank: 3 Star
  • Values: N6, E6, S4, W6

Maulskull Card

  • Location Skydeep Cenote Dungeon random drop
  • Rank: 3 Star
  • Values: N7, E7, S4, W4

Ambrose Card

  • Location: Origenics Dungeon random drop
  • Rank: 3 Star
  • Values: N5, E3, S7, W6

Valigarmanda Card

  • Location: Worqor Lar Dor Trial random drop
  • Rank: 4 Star
  • Values: N7, E5, S6, W8

Zoraal Ja

  • Location: The Everkeep random drop
  • Rank 5 Star
  • Values: N9, E8, S5, W7

Queen Eternal Card

  • Location: The Interphos Trial random drop
  • Rank: 5 Star
  • Values: N3, EA, S9, W5

Gemstone Trader Dawntrail Cards

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There are two Triple Triad cards in Dawntrail that you can only purchase with Bicolor Gemstones. The Gemstone Traders will only do business with you after you’ve reached Rank 4 in FATEs around the area. You must participate in 66 FATEs in each zone, for a total of 132.

Cahciua Card

  • Location: Living Memory – X 22, Y 37.5
  • NPC: PX-0029
  • Rank: 4 Star
  • Values: N8, E8, S5, W5

Otis Card

  • Location: Heritage Found – X 16.5 Y 9.5
  • NPC: Toashana
  • Rank: 4 Star
  • Values: N5, E7, S8, W6

Achievement Locked Cards

It’s great to see that veteran Triple Triad players weren’t forgotten in Dawntrail, and we have a couple of new devious additions to track down.

These cards are locked behind massive time sinks and will take patience and dedication to acquire.

Wuk Lamat Card

  • Rank: 5 Star
  • Values: N5, E5, SA, W9
  • Unlock Method: Defeat 123 unique NPCs in Triple Triad to unlock the Wuk Lamat Card and Triple Team IX Achievement.

Keep in mind that you’ll have far more cards than opponents defeated in Triple Triad. From my research, it seems like there may only be 123 unique Triple Triad players in the entire game, which means you must defeat them all!

Sphene Card

  • Rank: 5 Star
  • Values: N9, EA, S6, W3
  • Unlock Method: Collect 423 unique Triple Triad cards to unlock the Sphene Card and Triple Decker XIII Achievement.

At the time of writing, there are 424 Triple Triad cards in FFXIV, including the Sphene Card. This means you need every single card in the game before you can add Sphene to your collection.

Why can’t I find the Triple Triad card at the locations above?

Some Triple Triad cards are progression-gated, and the required NPC won’t appear until you’ve completed a task. The task is usually MSQ progression, so return after you’ve beaten the story or take on a few side quests around the nearby area.

If you’re after the Ryoqor Terteh card, you’ll have to run the Worqor Zormor Dungeon a few times. The task is no joke, but it’s much easier when you learn the battle mechanics.

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