Fortnite Npc Locations Characters Chapter 4 Season 1 Items Map List All
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Getting to know all of the NPC character locations around the map in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is something you should do early on. Aside from getting XP upon discovering each character, visiting them rewards you with free items each match. Furthermore, you can spend your Gold Bars with the different characters to get useful items and powerful weapons.

There are 15 NPC characters to find this season, plus the boss character, The Ageless One, and some others that seem to randomly spawn around the map as minibosses. You can view which characters you’ve discovered in your Collections menu tab, but there’s not much aside from lore there.

Fortnite Npc Locations Characters Chapter 4 Season 1 Map Collections

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Before you go out and search for the characters, there are a few things to keep in mind. The characters walk around, so they will not always be in the exact same spot. Use the mini-map to see where the icon is in each relative location. If you can’t find the character, that’s because another player eliminated or hired them. Also remember that once you damage the character, you will no longer be able to speak to them.

Regarding the items each character offers, inventories appear consistent from match to match. Some characters aside from Wildcard may offer different items in different matches, but we’ve listed what we found. Please note all sold weapons are of Epic (purple) rarity or higher, which we note.

Fortnite Npc Locations Characters Chapter 4 Season 1 Items Map List

Image by PC Invasion

All 15 NPC character locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

1 – Aura: The first character can be found at a dockyard on the northern part of the map, just east of the greenspace. She offers Chug Splashes for 96 Gold Bars each and you can Hire her for 100 Gold Bars.

2 – Evie: Find her near a house, not far from the beach at the southwest end of the map. She can spawn you into a Rift for 250 Gold Bars and sells the Exotic Shadow Tracker Silenced Pistol for 400 Gold Bars.

3 – Frozen Fishstick: This character is located near a cottage at the northeast end of the frozen lake, directly west of Brutal Bastion. They sell a pack of three Chili Chug Splash for 210 Gold Bars and a Chug Keg for 250 Gold Bars.

4 – Frozen Red Knight: Go to Brutal Bastion and you’ll find this character patrolling in the courtyard. You can get three Firefly Jars for 150 Gold Bars or Hire them for 100 Gold Bars.

5 – Omega Knight: There’s a castle outpost on a hill between Slappy Shores and Faulty Splits with autumn colors that make it stand out. Find Omega Knight patrolling around there. They sell a Shockwave Hammer for 250 Gold Bars and a Port-a-Bunker for 200 Gold Bars.

6 – Princess Felicity Fish: Just like another certain princess, she’s stranded in a tower. Find her in the tower at the southwest edge of the lake surrounding The Citadel. She sells a Grappler Bow for 250 Gold Bars and you can Give a Small Tip to the Bus Driver for 250 Gold Bars.

7 – Raptorian the Brave: There’s a castle tower on the east bank of the river flowing through the center of the map. You’ll find it in the autumn foliage area near the bridge east of shattered slabs. Raptorian sells a Primal Flame Bow for 400 Gold Bars and you can hire them for 100 Gold Bars.

8 – Neymar Jr.: Find him at the soccer, or football, field at the northeast end of Slappy Shores. He sells a three-pack of Slap Juice for 150 Gold Bars and Patch Up healing for 100 Gold Bars.

9 – Scrapknight Jules: Find her at the southeast end of Faulty Splits at the mediaeval houses. She sells a Rocket Launcher for 600 Gold Bars and a Launch Pad for 100 Gold Bars.

10 – Helsie: North of Faulty Splits, there’s a grove tucked away. It’s directly west of the gas station. Helsie sells the Thunder Shotgun for 400 Gold Bars, or you can Hire her for 100 Gold Bars.

11 – Joni the Red: Find this vampire hunter at a farmhouse southwest of Frenzy Fields. It’s at the southernmost edge of the map. You can get the Red-Eye Assault Rifle for 250 Gold Bars or Hire them for 100 Gold Bars.

12 – Snow Heart: Find her in the small cavern inside the westernmost mountain in the snowy region. She reveals the next Storm circle for 175 Gold Bars and sells the Primal Stink Bow for 250 Gold Bars.

13 – Sunflower: She walks around the center of Frenzy Fields. She sells three Impulse Grenades for 24 Gold Bars or a Chug Cannon for 600 Gold Bars.

14 – Surrr Burger: Find him at Anvil Square inside of a tavern on the east end of town. He sells The Dubb Exotic Shotgun for 600 Gold Bars and Prop Disguise for 75 Gold Bars.

15 – Wild Card: This character actually roams, but is usually in one of two places. You can find him at Breakwater Bay or at a castle overlooking the sea, directly west of The Citadel. He sells the Excalibur Rifle for 250 Gold Bars and an Unstable Bow for 500 Gold Bars. There’s also a chance for him to sell a Legendary Excalibur for 400 Gold Bars.

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In addition to these characters, there’s a boss known as The Ageless One which spawns inside the castle at The Citadel. This character has plenty of HP, but drops a Shockwave Hammer and a Mythic Excalibur Rifle once defeated.

That’s currently it for the NPC characters and known locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. We’ll update this list if Epic adds more to the game.

We also have a guide on the newly introduced perks known as Augments, and some useful details and tips regarding the graphics update to Unreal Engine 5.1 if you’re still getting back into the swing of things with Fortnite this season.

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