All Free Zenless Zone Zero (zzz) Characters And How To Get Them
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All free Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) characters and how to get them

Free is always good.

Like most gacha games, Zenless Zone Zero gives you the chance to earn character without dropping a dime. But it can be a process. To learn which characters are free in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) and how to get them, we got the answer below.

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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ): All free characters and how to get them

Currently, Zenless Zone Zero has a total of nine characters that you can earn by simply playing Zenless Zone Zero. Two of them are non-combat characters, but it can be hard to choose between Belle or Wise.

The other seven can be earned by playing the game and using the game’s gacha system by Film or Mastertapes which are one of the game’s currencies. It should be worth noting that rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero can help land higher-tier characters that are free as well.

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At the time of writing this, Nicole, Anby, and Billy are three characters you get from the get-go. However, you earn Nicole after the first mission. The fourth character you can get for free is the Victorian housekeeper Corin Wickes.

Rather than playing the game, Corin is unlocked through the pre-registering rewards. To get her in-game, make sure you pre-registered and then go check your mailbox in-game. 

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There are also characters that you can earn through the many in-game events. To earn Ben, who is a bear, you have to participate in The Rookie on the Road Event. For Soukaku, take part in the Eridu Frontier Event. Finally, Lucy can be unlocked by doing the 1.0 event on Zenless Zone Zero.

Additionally, you’ll also get one of two main characters Belle and Wise. They’re not combat characters, but you can use them in New Eridu. 

Are these good starting characters?

From experience, using Anby and Billy is already a deadly combo. Billy is your main DPS character whereas Anby can supplement his attacks. Adding Nicole or even Corin can amplify both of those characters if you can combo right. However, knowing their specialties in Zenless Zone Zero can make those combos have more weight.  

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