G3t H1gh3r Coin Mw3
Screenshot: PC Invasion

All G3T_H1GH3R coin locations in MW3 – Synth-Bust camo guide

Put your parkour and treasure hunting skills to the test to earn an animated camo.

Synth-Bust is a brand-new animated camo in Call of Duty MW3, unlockable by collecting hidden coins on the G3T_H1GH3R map. This guide covers the location of all twelve coins so that you can get your hands on this incredible-looking camo in no time.

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How to get the Synth-Bust weapon camo in MW3/Warzone

G3T-H1GH3R is a limited-time MW3 parkour playlist map with twelve coins hidden throughout. These hidden collectibles are the key to unlocking the animated Synth-Bust weapon camo, but you’ll need to collect all twelve in a single run to get your hands on it.

Don’t worry about other players stealing your coins; everyone in the match can collect them. While the Synth-Bust camo is usable in Warzone, you must own Modern Warfare 3 to enter the G3T_H1GH3R playlist. Look for the sloth blazed out of his mind in the “What’s Hot” section.

All coin locations in G3T H1GH3R (Get Higher)

Coin #1

G3t H1gh3r Coin 1 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The first coin is at the first checkpoint located underneath the first red pillar on the fourth row on the bottom floor. Drop down the square hole when the pillar rises and pick up the coin floating in the center.

Coin #2

G3t H1gh3r Coin 2 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Further ahead, you’ll come across a room with two entrances leading to orange spinning obstacles. Choose either path and keep hugging the wall through the spinning wheels. At the end, enter the broken wall into a grey room with a coin in the corner.

Coin #3

G3t H1gh3r Coin 3 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

At the third checkpoint, slide under the obstacle and stop before jumping onto the next platform. Turn left to find the coin hiding behind the wall and beside the L-shaped block.

Coin #4

G3t H1gh3r Coin 4 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The fourth coin is one you should notice naturally. Before the section with the three large blue tubes, look for the coin in front of the green arrow. Nice and easy!

Coin #5

G3t H1gh3r Coin 5 Location Route
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Further in the course, just before a checkpoint, you’ll eventually reach a section with a green floor and blue walls made of shipping containers. Jump onto the tiny square and again onto the metal platform ahead.

G3t H1gh3r Coin 5 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Climb up and walk through the containers to the exit. Jump down, face West, then walk forward. Here, you should notice a hidden section with a mark on the wall. Carefully jump across to find the coin at the end.

Coin #6 and #7

G3t H1gh3r Coin 6 And 7 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the section sliding red blocks above, wait in front of the large hole with rotating spiked obstacles. Eventually, a thin path will form, allowing you to reach the coin in the middle.

Below this path is a square hole with pink lighting. Carefully drop into the hole and follow the path to find another coin at the end, just before the portal.

Coin #8

G3t H1gh3r Coin 8 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The next coin is in the middle of the section with the transparent floors and giant red platforms moving back and forth. There’s no special trick to reach it; just be careful not to fall through, like I did.

Coin #9

  • G3t H1gh3r Plane
  • G3t H1gh3r Coin 9 Drop
  • G3t H1gh3r Coin 9 Location Mw3

Eventually, you’ll exit a plane onto a blue ramp. Rather than continuing onward, jump onto the wing, then onto the ladder in front of the jet engine. Drop down onto the platform below, then enter the plane to find the coin inside.

Coin #10

  • Checkpoint 16 G3t H1gh3r Mw3
  • 0g3t H1gh3r Coin 10 Ledge
  • G3t H1gh3r Coin 10 Location

Just before Checkpoint 16 is the entrance to the room with spinning orange blades and thin platforms. Drop down to the blue platform below and again to the hidden ledge further down. Enter this room to pick up another coin.

Coin #11

G3t H1gh3r Coin 11 Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Another easy coin is waiting between the palm trees, below the section with the spinning octagons and red blocks.

Coin #12

  • G3t H1gh3r Coin 12 Location
  • G3t H1gh3r Coin 12 Location 2

The final coin is in the rising block section just before the castle. Walk all the way to the right before this section and wait on top of the block in front. Behind you is a room with palm trees containing the final coin.

G3t H1gh3r Portal
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With all twelve coins collected in one game, enter the portal between two coin slots at the end of the map to earn the Synth-Bust camo!

Along with the G3T_H1GH3R playlist, the Vacation Squad limited-time event is now live in MW3, MWZ, and Warzone. Visit our guide on getting hipfire kills with an LMG without releasing the trigger to earn some easy Double Battle Pass XP.

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