All Havoc modifiers in Modern Warfare 3, explained
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All Havoc modifiers in Modern Warfare 3 explained

Permanent Advanced UAVs? Yuck.

Havoc injects unique modifiers into Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer to spice up gameplay. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, let me explain what all the Havoc modifiers do in Modern Warfare 3.

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What is Havoc mode in Modern Warfare 3?

Before we dive into the modifiers, let me quickly explain how they work and what to expect in a Havoc match. The core gameplay loop of Havoc is the same as Team Death Match but with modifiers that activate at set intervals.

The first of five modifiers will trigger near the start of a match. Another modifier will activate when either team reaches 12, 24, 36, and 48 kills. Once a team has reached that 48-kill threshold, five modifiers will be live simultaneously and will stay that way until the score cap of 75 is reached.

As with regular TDM, the first team to reach 75 kills wins the game. You have no control over which modifiers go live, but it’s still good to know what to expect. There’s also one potential modifier that can completely alter the rules of a match.

All MW3 Havoc Modifiers Explained

Now you know how Havoc works and when Modifiers will activate, here’s an extensive list of each one and what they do:

  • Ammo Feeder – Your weapon automatically reloads after defeating an enemy.
  • Boots off the Ground – Low gravity.
  • Camera Shift – Everyone’s camera automatically changes to 3rd person view.
  • Charged Up – Gain Cranked on kills. Cranked increases player movement, reload, and ADS speed.
  • Equipment Restock – Equipment is replenished when you score a kill.
  • Eyes On – Advanced UAV is always active.
  • Gun Runner – You’ll gain a random weapon when you score a kill.
  • Hero Smash – You create an explosion when you fall from an elevated position.
  • Hot Shot – All guns are changed into Crossbows with Molotov bolts.
  • Lucky Three – You earn a random Killstreak every three kills.
  • One Tap – Headshots kill in a single hit.
  • Snapshot Killer – Launch a Snapshot Grenade and ping pulse whenever you score a kill.

Finally, there’s a chance that System Reroll will activate as the fifth modifier in a match. If this happens, every current modifier will randomly reroll.

Best weapons and equipment for Havoc in Modern Warfare 3

All Havoc modifiers in Modern Warfare 3, explained
Screenshot: PC Invasion

It’s impossible to make a perfect loadout to cover so many Havoc variables. That said, I will have a few class presets on standby to counter specific modifiers:

How to counter the Lucky Three modifier in Havoc

If the Lucky Three modifier comes up, Killstreaks will swarm the battlefield. To counter this, I’ll be rocking a class with Hijacked IFF Strobe and Ghost T/V Camo. These perks will keep me off the radar and AI-controlled streaks won’t target me.

You could opt for a Rocket Launcher for this situation, too, to knock pesky killstreaks out of the sky.

How to counter the Eyes On modifier in Havoc

I loathe being visible on the Radar at the best of times, so you know I will despise Eyes On. If Eyes On is active, I will immediately switch to a class with Ghost T/V. The Ghost perk doesn’t grant immunity to an Advanced UAV, but it makes you show up as a dot without showing the direction you’re facing.

Eyes On lasts until the end of the match or if System Reroll is triggered, so Ghost T/V is essential in my opinion.

How to counter the One Tap modifier in Havoc

One Tap will likely make rapid-fire weapons, like SMGs, feel utterly broken. I’ll need to test a few weapons to find a favorite, but I imagine the WSP Swarm, or even the FTAC Siege will work wonders here.

These close-range weapons are balanced by their poor performance at a distance. The meta is flipped upside down if one headshot is all it takes to kill.

Many of the other Modifiers are a little difficult to plan for, but that may change once players become familiar with the mode.

It may be worth taking the Superi 45 SMG for a spin in Havoc. The weapon has a decent rate of fire with all the mobility we crave in multiplayer.

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