All house differences in Hogwarts Legacy

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The Houses in Hogwarts Legacy are as integral to the magic of the Wizarding World as the wands or the chocolate frogs. For you to make your decision about which house to join, then maybe I can help you out.

Getting Sorted in Hogwarts Legacy

You may be surprised to know that in Hogwarts Legacy, like Harry Potter, you can choose not to be a part of the house that the Sorting Hat gives you. After some questions, the Sorting Hat will have chosen you house, be it Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. However, you can deny that house to choose another to your liking.

I know this may be disappointing, as it really invalidates the whole sacred process of getting sorted and asking questions, but I suppose it does save you from the bigger disappointment of getting sorted into a house you don’t want, especially as it will impact your game.

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So don’t worry about your answers when getting sorted, as you can choose your favorite from the following comparison.

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All the differences between the houses in Hogwarts Legacy

There are quite a few differences between the houses in Hogwarts Legacy, so choosing the right one is important!

The following things differ between all four houses:

  • The Common Room (and subsequent fast travel point)
  • The House Colors
  • One main quest
  • Social dialogue with certain NPCs

There are no perks of gameplay differences that are exclusive to certain houses, so you don’t need to treat this choice like choosing a class. Just choose whichever one feels right for you!

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More specifically, here are more complete lists for each of the houses.


Gryffindor’s colors are red and gold and are associated with the great lion to show their unwavering bravery. Their common room is located in the South Wing’s Gryffindor Tower.

Their unique quest will have them on The Hunt for the Missing Pages, where they’ll bump into Nearly Headless Nick.


Slytherin’s colors are of green and silver and are adjoined by a winding snake to show their cunning and ambition. Their common room is located below the Grand Staircase in the dungeons.

Their unique quest will have them become Scrope’s Last Hope, and they’ll meet Headmaster Black’s House Elf.


Ravenclaw’s colors are of blue and bronze, and are emblazoned with an eagle to show their intelligence and wisdom. Their common room is located as a part of the Grand Staircase.

Their unique quest will have them investigating the Owlery Ollivander’s Heirloom.


Hufflepuff’s colors are yellow and black and are joined by a badger to show their loyalty and kindness… somehow. Their common room is located near the Great Hall’s kitchens.

Their unique quest will have them finding a Prisoner of Love, where they’ll be visiting the dreaded Azkaban Prison.

I hope this has helped influence your decision, fellow students, and that you’ll be able to experience Hogwarts Legacy how you wish.

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