All Items And Modules In Murky Divers Explained
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All items and modules in Murky Divers, explained

So many options...

The vending machine in this co-op horror game allows you to purchase plenty of useful items and modules to aid in your dives. Let me explain how all items and modules work in Murky Divers.

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Murky Divers: All items and modules, explained

While you may think there are only a few items available, your vending machine has a few rows you can scroll through for more unique items. Items are things you must hold, modules are pill-shaped add-ons you can put on yourself after stepping in the shower at the ship. Here’s how every item and module works in Murky Divers.


Glow Sticks$80Lights up the nearby area around you.
Oxygen Recharge$80 Grants you the ability to refill your oxygen without needing to head back to the ship.
Laser Cutter$150Cuts through certain metals (denoted by the color red) while on dives to open up new areas.
Shopping Cart$200Can hold multiple items inside.
Taser Stick$300A weapon to stun an enemy for a brief moment.

These items are available for you to hold and use during dives. The most useful ones are the Oxygen Recharge, Taser Stick, and Shopping Cart. It’s tough having to constantly swim back to the ship to get more oxygen, and the Taser Stick is good for survival. Also, the Shopping Cart can lessen the amount of trips you have to take to the ship as well.


Flashlight Module$100Turn on and off an infinite flashlight that lights the area ahead of you.
X-Ray Module$150See through walls to easily find your friends.
Body-Parts Detector Module$130Easily spot body parts while diving.
Grappling Hook Module$200Use a grappling hook to grab items.
EMP Module$400Stuns all enemies within the area.

Once you purchase these Modules, you can attach them to yourself in the shower. I found the Flashlight Module to be the best purchase and the one you should get first since it never runs out and it’s relatively cheap. I’d also recommend the Body-Parts Detector Module if you’re having trouble getting enough corpses and the EMP Module to stun annoying monsters that try to attack you.


Station Upgrade CD$200Upgrades any station in your ship to improve it.
Bribe Police$300Removes one star from your police stars.

Both of these items are great to get when you have the money. The Station Upgrade CD can be used at any station that takes it, and it can improve it in subtle but meaningful ways. Then you can use the donut called Bribe Police which will remove a star, which is a good way to avoid police and getting arrested.

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