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All Monopoly GO events for January 7

What's the Monopoly Man got planned for us today?

In Monopoly GO, many smaller events hit the game to provide players with brief but great boosts to their cash and dice gain. Major events can also start and finish. These change from day to day, so check here daily so you don’t miss out on these events.

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All events on 7 January in Monopoly GO

Here is a full list of all the events you can expect to see today in Monopoly GO, and what time they’re starting. I have presented all times in UTC, Universal Time Coordinated.

Big events happening today

Today, we’ll be seeing the end of the new Top Hat tournament and the beginning of the Space Race tournament, with similar rewards.

The milestone event, Monopoly Origins will be ending today to be replaced by the Road to Riches milestone event.

Also, very excitingly, the next Partners Event will drop today! The Gardening Partners event started at 9 am UTC, so it’s out now!

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Small events happening today

Today, we’ve got nine brief events to look forward to, so make sure to play on time if there’s one you particularly like.

These events will have a time range that they’re able to activate for, and upon you logging in during that time, the event will start, lasting till its duration runs out. So you don’t need to play the game exactly on time, as you’ve got a large window.

  • Rent Frenzy – Will be available between 07:00 — 12:59 for 30 minutes.
  • Free Parking (dice) – Will be available between 10:00 — 12:59 for 30 minutes.
  • Cash Grab – Will be available between 13:00 — 15:59 for 20 minutes.
  • Free Parking (cash) – Will be available between 16:00 — 18:59 for 30 minutes.
  • Sticker Boom – Will be available between 17:00 — 16:59 (next day, 09/01/24) for 1 hour.
  • Landmark Rush – Will be available from 19:00 for an undetermined amount of time.
  • Wheel Boost – Will be available between 22:00 — 03:59 (next day, 09/01/2024) for 30 minutes.
  • High Roller – Will be available between 22:00 — 05:59 (next day, 09/01/2024) for 10 minutes.
  • Mega Heist – Will be available between 04:00 (next day, 09/01/2024) — 05:59 (next day, 09/01/2024) for 45 minutes.

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How do today’s events work in Monopoly GO?

If you’re unfamiliar with these events, simply listing them will mean nothing to you. Here is a breakdown of all the events beginning today.

The Space Race event is a tournament. You will be competing with other players for points, and by the tournament’s end, you’ll earn the reward of your rank.

The Road to Riches event is a milestone event. You will be collecting points to advance the milestones, being rewarded at each one.

Gardening Partners is a Partners Event. You will be working with friends to construct new attractions using points.

Rent Frenzy will add more rent targets to your board.

Free Parking will add dice or cash to the Free Parking square if you are to land on certain tiles. If you land on Free Parking, you’ll get the accumulated reward.

Cash Grab adds a new card to the Chance deck. When triggered, it’ll rain cash, and you’ll have to pick them up to earn more Cash.

Sticker Boom increases the amount of stickers you pull from Sticker Packs by 50%.

Landmark Rush will net you bonus rewards for completing a landmark.

Wheel Boost allows you to spin the Property Wheel twice after landing on a completed color set.

High Roller allows you to increase your dice multiplier much higher than the usual maximum would be, allowing for huge rolls on a budget.

Mega Heist improves your Bank Heist actions, providing you with a tier of rewards higher than the diamond rings. You can earn a serious amount of cash.

Now that you’re all squared up with today’s events, why don’t you check out everything to know about the Monopoly Origins album?

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