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All Mutation Powers in Warzone Mutation Resurgence, explained

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While you’re looking to open the bunker for the “She never let down” calling card in Warzone, you may run into Mutations. This guide will cover all the Mutation Powers in Warzone Resurgence, and how to get them. 

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Warzone Resurgence: All Mutation Powers – explained

These mutations are a great way to make the fights go in your favor and add another element to combat. With these new Mutation Powers, you’re going to have to use newer strategies just to overcome a player equipped with one. 

All Mutation Powers in Warzone Mutation Resurgence, explained
Image: Activision

All Mutant Powers in Warzone

  • Sludge Sling: As you throw sludge grenades they disperse a toxic gas. If enemies are caught in the gas, they get slowed down and also take damage. I placed this one at the top of the list because it might be easily avoidable if you can see it coming. But if you get caught in the blast radius, things will go south for you and your squad.
  • Mutant Leap: This is a charged jump that helps you cover a good distance. My only problem with this power is that Dive Bomb does what it can (minus covering a large space of the map), but it has an impact. Mutant Leap seems to be just for your movement rather than helping you defend yourself. 
  • Dive Bomb: You rocket up in the air and dive back down toward the enemy. When you land, enemies are damaged and pushed back. From my experience, players prefer a more head-on experience. Meaning that most of the fights will always boil down to a gunfight making this power redundant. However, what it does could save you. When you jump up in the air, a little crowd control might give you breathing room.
All Mutation Powers in Warzone Mutation Resurgence, explained
Image: Activision
  • Toxic Stim Cloud: When you use this, you and your team get a speed boost for a short time. However, any enemies near you will take damage. Since Warzone is a battle royal bad things can happen if you misstep. Having a backup plan such as a Toxic Stim Cloud to get your squad out and to make the enemy think twice, can make it a lifesaver. 
  • Mutant Vision: In Warzone, you’re going to need all the help you can get to predict where enemies are coming from. Mutant Visison allows you to see your enemies with a red outline. Having this Mutant Power equipped can be a game-changer if you’re using it right. 
  • Mutant Cloak: Being sneaky can make you a winner more often than not. You become partially invisible for a short time, making it easier to get more attacks in. However, you will leave a green outline in your steps in this mode. So, be careful when you go invincible. People can still anticipate you if they pay attention. 
Warzone Finishing Move
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  • Bioshield: Imagine your squad and you are one of the last teams remaining. You have to hold a point and outlast. Having Bioshield at the ready can make this part of the match less stressful. First, you’re protected from enemy attacks, and second, you can attack while in the shield. If you’re planning on getting any of the Wood Skins in Warzone, this could be a great way of doing that. 

How to get Mutant Powers in Warzone

To have the edge over enemies with these powers, you can find them scattered around the map. I’ve found several in caches and also lying around in buildings. Like looking for weapons and other gear, these powers will be found the same way. However, since these powers come in a syringe form, you might not be able to loot them from fallen enemies. As soon as you pick up a power, you automatically inject it. This allows you to use the power you picked up.

Warzone Looking At Mutant Power
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While you’re using all the Mutant Powers, you should also get all the rewards for Black Ops 6 in Warzone.

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