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All new Shadow of the Erdtree Ashes of War locations in Elden Ring

Looking ashy.

Ashes of War can turn your good weapons into great weapons, and Shadow of The Erdtree has added a whole load for you to find. The new Ashes of War are dotted all over the map but can be found easily with this guide.

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All locations for the Lost Ashes of War

This is an ongoing list that I will add to as I go. However, here are the various Ashes of War in SotE we have found so far and their locations. For all your other guides, check out our hub here.

Gravesite Plain Ashes of War

Ash of WarLocationSkill
Shriek of SorrowThis can be found just after you defeat the Fire Knight Queenlign in the clearing by the huge grey tree.
Ash Of War Shadow Of Erdtree
Emit a scream that causes enemies to flinch. Also, the lower your XP the higher your damage after.
Savage Lions ClawJust south of the Lake to the west of the Great Bridge Site of Grace, you will find this Ash of War against the cliff face.
Ashes Of War Elden Ring
Flip forwards performing a strike that can be doubled by pressing the button again.
As you head over the Greatbridge, there will be an Ash of War to pick up in the middle. Beware of the trebuchet, though!

Scadu Altus Ash of War

Ash of WarLocationSkill
Piercing ThrowJust outside the Castle Lord’s Chambers Site of Grace, you can jump into a tower through a window. In this tower, you will find a chest containing the Wing Stance Ash of WarThrown armaments will go further and pierce through enemies.
Wing StanceJust outside the Castle Lords Chambers Site of Grace, you can jump into a tower through a window. In this tower you will find a chest containing the Wing Stance Ash of WarA light attack thrusts three times, while a heavy attack performs a leaping thrust.
WingsDefeat Black Knight Edreed in the Fort of Reprimand for this Ash of War. The Fort can be found in the south of the Scadu Altus region on the cliff edge.Fly into the air before diving back down in a spinning attack, using your weapon.
Rolling SparksCan be found by heading southeast from the shadowkeep. Here, you will encounter a group of perfumers. There is a Scarab flying by them which will drop the Ash of War.Scatter perfume that will ignite, causing damage determined by the perfume used.
Flame SkewerInvader Fire Knight Qeenlign will appear again south of Shadowkeep. Once defeated, he will drop Flame Skewer Ashes of War in Shadow of The Erdtree.Crouch low and wrap your blade in flame before lunging forward with an attack. Will attack twice with a heavy attack.
Carian Sovereignty In the eastern part of Scadu Altus you will find the Cathedral of Manus Metyr. Around the back, in a cave, there is a scarab on the ceiling. Kill this for the next Ash of War.Turns your regular sword into a greatsword, smashing it down. An additional button press will then sweep it. A move used by Rellana.
Flame SpearReceived after killing the Dark Knight guarding the Messmer’s Dark Chamber in Shadowkeep.
Flame Spear Ashes Of War
Cast a thrusting, flaming spear attack.
Wall of SparksIn Shadowkeep, use the Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace, as your starting point. From here, use the first corridor lift to the first floor. Turn right from the left, the first door on our left, and on the balcony is the next ah of war.
Ash Of Wat Sote
Scatter sparks determined by the perfume bottle.
Palm BlastBy beating the Dryleaf Dane Monk at Moorth Ruins, you will unlock this Ashes of War in Shadow of The Erdtree.Blast with your palm. Add more damage by charging it.

Ancient Ruins of Rauh Ashes of War

Ashes of WarLocationSkill
Dryleaf WhirlwindFound right on the Eastern Edge of the Lake, beside a column located next to a waterfall. He is right by a Site of Grace I suggest you use.
Dryleaf Whirlwind Shadow Of The Erdtree Location
Perform a series of rising kicks before crashing back down with one final powerful strike.
The Poison Flower Blooms TwiceSpiked from the ground inflict scarlet rot on the enemy. If the enemy is already inflicted, then huge damage is done.Spiked from the ground inflict scarlet rot on the enemy. If the enemy is already inflicted then huge damage is done.

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