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All Retro Warfare challenges and rewards in MW3, MWZ, and Warzone

Bravo Six, going retro.

The Retro Warfare event in MW3 is a pretty easy one to allow players to enjoy the game and benefit from a list of great rewards.

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All Retro Warfare event challenges and rewards MW3

Retro Warfare Mwz Mw3 Warzone
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The Retro Warfare event is a simple one in MW3, as all you have to do is earn XP. As you hit XP milestones you’ll earn new cosmetic rewards themed around the retro style.

Do note that if you play with one of the 8-Bit skins (that must be purchased with real money), you’ll earn an extra 5,000 XP per match whilst the event is active.

Here is the full list of rewards for the Retro Warfare event, alongside the XP needed to earn them:

Retro Warfare RewardXP needed
Disc Data weapon sticker10,000 XP
Retro Warfare emblem20,500 XP
45-minute double Battle Pass XP token37,200 XP
Stage Select calling card55,000 XP
Player Select calling card78,000 XP
Player 1 emblem105,000 XP
Level Up! Calling card140,000 XP
30-minute double weapon XP token180,500 XP
45-minute double XP token230,500 XP
Battle Pass tier skip290,000 XP
1 hour double XP token350,400 XP
Game Over weapon camo400,000 XP
30 minute double Battle Pass XP token454,000 XP
Stimmed weapon charm510,500 XP
45 minute double XP token560,900 XP
Boom! animated emblem600,500 XP
1 hour double Battle Pass XP token650,000 XP
Bit Blaster Bruen MK9 mastery blueprint705,000 XP

You have until June 10 to complete this challenge, so get in some matches and start earning some rewards.

How to unlock the Bit Blaster blueprint in MW3 and MWZ

Bit Blaster Mw3 Mwz Warzone Retro Warfare
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The Bit Blaster is a blueprint for the Bruen Mk9 light machine gun and is the final reward for the Retro Warfare event.

To get it, you’ve got to earn a total of 705,000 XP whilst the event is active, which is no small task.

Thankfully, we know the best game modes to play to get to that mark.

Best game modes to play to complete Retro Warfare in MW3

If you want to complete the Retro Warfare event in MW3 to earn the Bit Blaster blueprint, you’ll need to play on the most rewarding game modes.

We’d recommend you play the following game modes to earn lots of MW3 XP, either because they award lots of XP per player kill, or because they allow for lots of kills in a single match:

  • Ground War
  • Search and Destroy
  • Kill Confirmed
  • War Mode
  • Any game mode you dominate in

Now that you know all there is to know about the Retro Warfare event in MW3, why don’t you make sure you’re up to date with the Altered Strain event, too?

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