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All rewards for the Altered Strain event in MW3

Good soldiers deserve good rewards.

For Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3, you’ll be tasked to collect DNA samples to earn weekly rewards. However, to get them, challenges must be done. Follow along to learn all the rewards and the challenges of the Altered Strain event in MW3. 

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MW3: All rewards for the Altered Strain event

To get the rewards in the event, you must collect samples while playing the multiplayer, zombie, and warzone modes of MW3. Each has its color, and as of now, the first two strands are released. The other two samples will unlock as the event progresses through June 26

Let’s run through what you must do for the starter strands. 

Blue Strain (Ade-DGT): 

  • 390 Ade-DGT: Double XP Token
  • 780 Ade-DGT: Double Weapon XP Token
  • 1560 Ade-DGT: Double Battlepass XP Token
  • 3125 Ade-DGT: Double Weapon XP Token
  • 6250 Ade-DGT: Double Weapon XP Token
  • 12500 Ade-DGT: Double Battlepass XP Token

Orange Strain (Cyto-RCG) 

  • 780 Cyto-RCG: First Strike Mutation effect
  • 1560 Cyto-RCG: Pet Strain charm
  • 3125 Cyto-RCG: Class Pet emblem
  • 6250 Cyto-RCG: Flop Shot Mutation effect
  • 12500 Cyto-RCG: Double XP Token
All Rewards For The Altered Strain Event In Mw3
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Yellow DNA (Name unknown)

  • 1200: Repocket Mutation effect
  • 2340: You Tried calling card
  • 4675: Mutation Station sticker
  • 9350: Attuned Mutation effect

Pink DNA (Name unknown)

  • 1560: Galavinized Mutation effect
  • 3125: Battlepass tier skip
  • 6250: Dendritic Devastation weapon camo

Rewards for collecting all the strains

You get the snazzy Strands and Slaughter Blueprint if you’re lucky and determined enough to farm for the DNA samples. It comes with a Dozer-90 Long Barrel, a VT-7 Spritifire Suppressor, Bruen Heavy Support Grip, and a 50 Round Drum Magazine. When you put this together, taking down the Mutant Classes in Mutation Mode can be easier. 

Mw3 Strands And Slaughter Blueprint
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Having that 50-Round Drum Mag makes life easier, on top of that, the suppressor muzzle brings up your accuracy making you a threat. 

Consider getting Mutation Powers in Warzone to overcome your enemy. 

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