All Sanctuary temple collectible locations in Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sanctuary Temple Jedha All Collectibles Locations Scrolls Databank Treasures

The Star Wars galaxy is full of secrets, and the Jedha Sanctuary Temple in Jedi: Survivor is no exception with its many hidden collectible locations. There are Jedha Scrolls, Databank Entries, a Force Point dispersed around the location, so we’ve put together a map for this guide along with a walkthrough so you can achieve 100% completion in the zone.

All Sanctuary temple collectible locations in Jedi: Survivor

The different collectibles at Sanctuary Temple are fairly spread out, but there are not too many hidden away. You can collect all of these in about five to 10 minutes. The only ability you need is Merrin’s Charm for passing through the ray shields.

The best place to start is at the temple entrance. Just follow the linear route through the level to collect everything. Keep in mind that our walkthrough simply details each collectible location by category.

Jedi Survivor Collectibles Template

All Jedha Scrolls

The first Jedha Scroll is outside the temple at the landing with the stone columns. Looking out towards the valley, you’ll find the Scroll on the ground at left end between the outer columns.

Navigate to the first large chamber within the temple for the second and third Jedha Scrolls. This is the chamber with the several large hanging braziers and pit with the circular platform in the middle. There are green ray shields on the left-hand side when you enter. Use dash to warp through the ray shield and approach the Meditation Point. There’s a Jedha Scroll laying on the ground near the wall just before the Meditation Point.

Return back to the large chamber and immediately take a left into a small alcove. The wall is climbable and you’ll use that to gain height and reach the central landing and interlinking bridge. There’s a door across the bridge which opens to a side room with the third Jedha Scroll. You’ll also find a Force Point behind a ray shield in that room.

Star Wars All Jedha Scrolls Locations Temple Map

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All Databank Entries

Two of the Databank Entries are near the entrance to the Sanctuary Temple. The first is at an inscription on the center pillar in the circular forum once you squeeze through the collapsed entrance to Sanctuary Temple. The next is in the room inside the center pillar at some old pottery.

The last Databank Entry is easy to find if you follow the natural level progression towards the central chamber where the Imperial Excavator appears in the main story. You need to go through the platforming section in the backrooms, then jump from wall to wall and climb into a passage. Run down the passage, jump across a gap and follow that hallway. The Databank Entry relates to some wall inscriptions in that last hallway that opens to the main chamber. If you already have the shortcut, just zipline across the chasm and take a left and climb up to the hallway containing the Databank Entry.

Don’t forget the Force Point behind the ray shield in the side room with the third Jedha Scroll and the workbench.

That’s all of the Sanctuary Temple Collectible Locations in Jedi: Survivor. We also have some guides covering all Priorite Shard locations at Rambler’s Reach Outpost on Koboh and another covering all collectible locations at the Loading Gantry Lucrehulk on Koboh. Bounty hunting is another prominent side quest in Jedi: Survivor, and we’ve covered all 18 Bounty Puck locations, too.

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