All Side Quest Locations And Rewards In Smtv Vengeance
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All side quest locations and rewards in SMTV: Vengeance

A long to-do list.

Not only does SMTV: Vengeance include a new storyline, but you also get the base game alongside the DLC content. With even more content available, let’s review all the side quest locations and rewards in SMTV: Vengeance.

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Shin Megami Tensei V Vengeance: All side quest locations and rewards

Since SMTV: Vengeance includes the base game, its DLC, and the new Canon of Vengeance storyline, there are numerous amounts of side quests to unlock which provide wondrous rewards. We’re going through the latest region in the Canon of Vengeance storyline, so we’ll update you as we discover new side quests. Here are all the side quest locations and rewards in SMTV: Vengeance.


Region: Minato

A Preta PredicamentTamachiFind the Pretas that went out in search of food.Haunt Talisman
No Stone UnturnedHamamatsuchoFind five Life Stones for Neko Shogun,Wargod Talisman
Bully BreakerHamamatsuchoHelp Agathion by punishing three Daemons.Agathion’s Essence
The Water NymphShiba ParkApsaras is seducing weak demons into becoming her soldiers. Put a stop to her plans.x2 Stamina Incense
Pollution PanicShiba ParkHelp Mandrake by punishing five Azumi.Yoma Talisman
The Cursed MermaidsShiba ParkInvestigate the Mermaid’s curse by visiting her fellow Mermaids in the mountains.x3 Grimoire
The Demon of the SpringShiba Park (after The Cursed Mermaids)Enlist the help of Anahita to lift the Mermaid’s curse. Femme Talisman
The Spirit of LoveShibaLeanan Sidhe is thoughtlessly riling up other demons with her seductive words. Put a stop to her.x2 Health Incense
To Curse a CurseOnarimonFind five Bicorn Horns for Andras.Fallen Talisman
The Gold Dragon’s ArrivalOnarimonEliminate the four gods across Minato.Dragon Talisman
The Benevolent OneOnarimonDefeat Huang Long.80,000 Macca, Huang Long fusion unlocked
Talisman HuntNagatachoFind three Shikigami Talismans for Shiki-Ouji.Brute Talisman
Movin’ on UpNagatchoHead to Mita over in Minato, locate Cleopatra and eliminate her if necessary.Phys Dampener
The Ultimate OmeletteWest ShinbashiBring a Jatayu Egg to Aitvaras. Avoid getting spotted by Jatayu.Drake Talisman
Keeper of the WestKamiyacho (after “The Ancient Guardian”)Prove your might to Koumokuten.x1 Large Glory Crystal, Koumokuten’s Essence
The Succession of RaOdaibaGo to the fairy village and stop Khonsu.x2 Large Glory Crystal, Khonsu Ra fusion unlock
A Goddess in TrainingTokyo Diet BuildingInvestigate the magic power reading over in Minato, near Tokyo Tower. Defeat Artemis.x5 Vitality Bomb, Artemis, Artemis fusion unlocked
The Doctor’s Last WishTokyo Diet BuildingLocate Doctor Nitta, who went missing after a supposed meeting with Mephisto. Defeat Mephisto.x3 Health Balm, Mephisto, Mephisto fusion unlocked
The Rage of a QueenTokyo Diet BuildingHead to Mita over in Minato, locate Cleopatra, and eliminate her if necessary.x3 Stamina Balm, Cleopatra, Cleopatra fusion unlocked
Return of the True DemonWorld of Shadows (through any Leyline Fount)Defeat the nine friends to collect Menorahs and defeat the Demi-Fiend.666,666 Macca, Menorah of Sovereignty, Demi-Fiend’s Essence

Region: Shinagawa

Those Seeking SanctuaryShinagawa PierHelp the Lilim move into Tokyo by eliminating the Principality on guard (eliminates “Holding the Line”).Dark Sutra, Lilim
Holding the LineShinagawa Pier/Container YardEliminate the Lilim that have set their sights on invading Tokyo (eliminates “Those Seeking Sanctuary”).Light Sutra, Principality
Magic from the EastShinagawa PierFind five Inugami Heads for Baphomet.Vile Talisman
A Wish for a FishContainer YardBring fish from a cold-storage warehouse to Nekomata.Beast Talisman, King Frost fusion unlocked
Chakra Drop ChompTennozuFind two Chakra Drops for Kodama.Jirae Talisman
Can I Keep Them?Konan 3rd BlockCapture 10 Mothmen and deliver them to Lilim.Lilim’s Essence
Kumbhanda’s BottleKonan 2nd BlockDefeat Kumbhanda.Night Talisman
The Tyrant of TennozuKonan 2nd Block (after “A Golden Opportunity”)Eliminate the Tyrant in Tennozu.15,000 Macca
Iced OutMitatebashiFind three Ice Gems for Jack FrostMuscle Drink
The Root of the ProblemFairy VillageFind eight Mandrake Roots for Silky.Fairy Talisman
Birds of a FeatherFairy Village (will direct you to Tennozu Isle)Obtain a Giant Bird’s Feather and deliver it to Koppa Tengu.Feng Huang’s Essence
The Falcon’s HeadFairy VillageHorus is on a rampage above Sotokanda. Defeat him and bring his head to Isis.Lady Talisman
A Goddess StolenFairy VillageIdun has been kidnapped by Loki. Rescue Idun from Loki’s home in the mountains.x2 Small Glory Crystal, Megami Idun fusion unlocked
The One I LoveNorth ShinagawaDeliver Incubus’s letter to Silky in the Fairy Village.x3 Grimoire
Keeper of the SouthNorth ShinagawaProve your might to Zouchouten.Large Glory Crystal, Zouchouten’s Essence

Region: Chiyoda

The Path to Myojin ForestMiyuki StreetTake Hua Po to Myojin Forest in the backwood area of Akihabara.Silky’s Essence
Black Frost Strikes BackGinzaDefeat Dionysus and help Black Frost become the emperor of Ginza,Health Balm
Lighting the WayGinzaFind two Fire Gems for Jack-o’-Lantern.Chakra Drop
Glitter in GinzaGinza (after defeating Ishtar)Deliver two Diamonds, three Garnets, and three Aquamarines to Queen Medb.x3 Grimoire
Stones of MaliceSukiyabashiFind two Poison Gems for Zhen.Dispel Charm
A Sobering StandoffSukiyabashiHelp Dionysus, the god of wine, defeat Black Frost and prevent him from stealing his supply of alcohol.Stamina Balm
One Mokoi’s Trash…NihonbashiBring a vintage guitar, a model kit, and a TV game system to Mokoi.Kaiwan’s Essence
He of a Hundred HandsAkihabara Electric TownDefeat Hecatoncheires and report back to Valkyrie.18,000 Macca
An Unusual ForecastMansei BridgeDeliver Girimekhala’s Head to Kelpie.Soma
A Power Beyond ControlAwajicho (after “Hellfire Highway)Investigate the massive hole at Shinagawa North Pier.x4 Small Glory Crystal
The Search for OyamatsumiKanda-no-Yashiro (after “Hellfire Highway)Find Oyamatsumi, the Kunitsukami that went missing.Balm of Life
The Ancient Guardian Kanda-no-Yashiro (after exploring Taito region)Meet with Arahabaki at the waterfall near the fairy village.Lord’s Sword
Clash with the KunitsukamiKanda-no-Yashiro (after “The Search for Oyamatsumi”)Prove yourself in a test of strength against Okuninushi and the other Kunitsukami.Kunitsu Talisman
The Horn of PlentyOtemachiFind a Horn of Plenty held by a Holy demon and bring it to Demeter.Megami Talisman
Roar of HatredOtemachi (after “The Horn of Plenty”)Eliminate the Tyrant near Awajicho.Phys Dampener
The Angel of DestructionTokyo Station (after defeating Ishtar)Go to the sanctuary of resurrection and meet with Archangel Camael.Light Sutra
Keeper of the EastMansei BridgeProve your might to Jikokuten.Large Glory Crystal, Jikokuten’s Essence

Region: Taito

Abbadon’s AssaultShinobazu PondDefeat Abbadon.x3 Grimoire
A Need for NectarShinobazu PondFind two Amrita Showers for SarasvatiBalm of Life
On Bended KneesUenoFind three Ambrosia for YatagarasuYatagarasu’s Essence
Downtown Rock n’ RollUenoFind 10 Dragon Scales for Ippon-Datara.x3 Critical Gem, Fafnir’s Essence
The Egyptian’s FateUenoInvestigate Khonsu at Odaiba over in Minato.x5 Small Glory Crystal, Khonsu fusion unlocked (if killed)
A Princess in a PickleUenoFind two Beads for Kaya-no-Hime.Chakra Pot.
The Winged SunUenoRetrieve the Winged Sun Crest and bring it to Amon.Tyrant Talisman
In Defense of TokyoUeno ParkDefeat Adramelech.x2 Strength Balm, Futsunushi
The Sleeping SandsKomagataFind two Sleep Gems for Sandman.Amrita Shower
The Raid on TokyoUmayabashiHelp Adramelech take over Tokyo by eliminating Futsunushi.x2 Magic Balm
Fionn’s ResolveUmayabashiDefeat Fionn mac Cumhaill.Battle Sutra, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Fionn mac Cumhaill fusion unlocked
The Holy RingUmayabashiDefeat the three seraphim.Herald Talisman, Gabriel/Raphael/Uriel’s Essences, Herald Gabrel/Raphael/Uriel fusions unlocked
The Bull God’s LineageUmayabashiDefeat Baal.Gospel, Deity Talisman, Baal’s Essence, Deity Baal fusion unlocked
The Destined LeaderUmayabashiHead to Tokyo Tower to defeat Kurama Tengu and Zaou-Gongen.Fury Talisman, Destruction Sutra, Amanozako, Fury Zaou-Gongen/Genma Amanozako fusions unlocked
An Incentive for IncenseAsakusaFind two Balm of Life for Loa.Bead Chain
A Universe in PerilAsakusaDefeat Shiva.x3 Gospel
Keeper of the NorthUeno ParkProve your might to Bishamonten.Large Glory Crystal

Region: Empyrean

The Seraph’s ReturnTemple of Eternity 4F (after “The Holy Ring” and choosing the “Uphold God’s Order” route)Eliminate Belial deep within the Demon King’s castle.Michael’s Essence
The Red Dragon’s InvitationDemon Lord’s Castle, 4th Stratum (after “The Holy Ring” and choosing the “Recreate the World” route)Eliminate Michael deep within the Temple of Eternity.Belial’s Essence
The Wrathful QueenEmpyrean (chose “Recreate the World” and “Save Tokyo” route, received Seed of Life after completing 75% of Demon Compendium)Prove your might to Inanna.150,000 Macca
The Noble QueenEmpyrean (chose the “Destroy the Throne” route and received Seed of Life after completing 75% of Demon Compendium)Prove your might to Danu.150,000 Macca
The Compassionate QueenEmpyrean (chose the “Uphold God’s Order” route and received Seed of Life after completing 75% of Demon Compendium)Prove your might to Maria.150,000 Macca
A Plot RevealedNear Empyrean entranceDefeat Zeus.Demeter’s Essence

Hopefully, this guide on all the side quest locations and rewards in SMTV: Vengeance helped you make your way through the game and complete as many side activities as possible. While you can get plenty of nice rewards from these quests, there are other ways to farm things like Glory, Macca, and EXP.

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